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28 May 2024

Statement by the Charles University management on the Hodina pravdy (Hour of Truth) initiative

The management of Charles University has long pointed out that if we want to promote a knowledge-based economy in the Czech Republic, i.e. an economy with higher added value, and thus develop the long-term prosperity of our society, it is essential to pay attention to the support of education, research, development and innovation.

The management of Charles University has been actively lobbying the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Science of the Czech Republic for a long time to ensure adequate institutional funding of educational activities at Czech public universities. The MEYS has repeatedly confirmed in recent weeks that it will propose an annual increase of CZK 6 billion for educational activities for 2025 and a further increase in funding for educational activities for the medium-term perspective for 2026 and 2027 (again after an annual increase of CZK 6 billion). Charles University supports these proposals of the Ministry of Education and sees them as a positive step towards solving the long-term deficit in financing educational activities at public universities.

We urge the members of the government of the Czech Republic to fully support the proposal of the Ministry of Education in the current negotiations on the state budget for 2025. The management of Charles University is, of course, always ready to participate in these negotiations and to document the need for an increase in institutional funding.

On behalf of the CU Management, the Rector of Charles University

Prof. Milena Králíčková

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