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23 March 2020

Offers and requests for volunteer work

Many initiatives are currently underway for the organisation of volunteer work to both help oth-ers and to support providers of healthcare, social and carer services. Charles University has also become involved. Thank you for your willingness to help, your commitment and your solidarity with others.

Assistance for healthcare facilities

Assistance for facilities providing social or carer services

A database of available volunteer positions has been created for other students, members of staff and members of the Alumni club. We expect that these volunteers will be available according to the requirements of municipal authorities and providers of social and carer services. Further options include e.g. care for those in quarantine, child-minding, care for clients of day-care centres that are currently closed, and so on. We are currently mainly collecting contact details for volunteers who are willing to help. We expect the demand from institutions to gradually increase.

  • If you have the time and the space to help others at this time, please use this form to register your offer of volunteer assistance (login via CAS): form

  • Form for non-healthcare institutions (providing e.g. social and carer services) that require volunteers: form

Volunteer activity by students of non-healthcare subjects is coordinated by the Centrum Carolina, which you can also contact in the event of any queries.

Thank you for your offer to help!

Charles University cooperating with the "SousedskáPomoc.cz" platform

The SousedskáPomoc.cz platform has been created in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic to provide offers and requests for volunteer work in the acute situations occurring at this time, and which our society must cope with using standard methods. Charles University has therefore promoted this activity within the Carolinum, and Rector Zima has provided the project with patronage. While “SousedskáPomoc.cz” is a primarily civic initiative, students and members of staff from the oldest university in the Czech Republic are also getting involved.

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