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Survival Czech: Language Course for Total Beginners

Czech could be a very complicated language for non-native speakers. If you are interested in learning some basics in Czech, join our online course for total beginners. This course is a series of ten lessons focused on introduction, greetings, shopping, eating, and more.

Course Description

This course introduces basic communication skills in Czech in the following areas:




Introduction, greetings

Saying hello, goodbye, thank you...

Verb "to be", numbers


Places, directions

Verbs pt. 1

Eating out

Food & drinks

Verbs pt. 2. the accusative



The course introduces essential grammatical concepts relating to the language functions, such as verb conjugations in the present tense, noun gender and declension.

Students also acquire basic knowledge about Czech culture.


Ten 90 min sessions from March 12th to April 11th;

2 x 90 mins per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9.30 - 11.00


Ph.D. candidates


Vzdělávací portál (Educational portal)

Lessons will be held online (MS Teams).

We will send the link to the registered people before the course begins

Pay attention to your pre-filled e-mail address in your account on the Educational Portal. We communicate via the mentioned e-mail about the course. If you want to change your e-mail address in Educational Portal, you must do it in WhoIS system.

Course material

Čeština Expres e-book

E-books will be ordered by the language centre, because of the lower price for bulk orders.

Event start 12 March 2024
Event end 11 April 2024
Organiser CU Point
Organiser's contact email petra.kucerova.konupkova@ruk.cuni.cz
Event website https://ukpoint.cuni.cz/IPSCEN-1.html
Programme https://ukpoint.cuni.cz/IPSCEN-147.html
Venue Online; MS Teams
Reservation Vzdělávací portál (Educational Portal)
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