Historical Sociology

Historical Sociology

The key theme is modernisation, with the assumption that modern society and modernisation processes are rooted in long‑term history and are influenced by trends, traditions, and specific historical constellations. Other topics include issues of social change, globalisation trends, civilisation analysis, religious and cultural pluralism, or the formation of states and nations.

The editors of Historická Sociologie journal (B. Šalanda, executive editor K. Soukalová) work at the department. The journal is on the list of reviewed journals in the Czech Republic, is included in scientific databases, and publishes texts in Czech and English.

Selected outputs

  • ARNASON, Johann P. Nordic Paths to Modernity (with Björn Wittrock). Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 2012.

  • MASLOWSKI, N. Manifester en République tchéque, Protestation et société civile. Paris: Sarrebruck 2011.

  • ŠUBRT, J. Norbert Elias and the Enigma of Time In: Landini, Tatiana Savoia – Dépelteau, François (eds.) Norbert Elias and Empirical Research. New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2014, s. 239-252.

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