The main focus of research and teaching is the contemporary continental philosophy, particularly phenomenology, within the context of main traditions of European and East Asia thinking. The core of its most recent research activities has been the investigation of the relationship of body‑based subjectivity with both the milieus of experiencing, as well as with the objectified environment of a naturalised world. “Environment” (“Umwelt”) is a central concept already used in early phenomenological philosophy and philosophical anthropology. Primarily, phenomenological analyses show to what extent the concept of ‘environment’ is not objective but subjective. This lays the ground not only for clarifying the concepts of “nature” and “natural environment” in correlation to bodily subjectivity, but also for unveiling the potential imagination, sign and language play within the process of the interaction of subjectivity and its surroundings.

Department of Philosophy

Selected outputs

  • NOVOTNÝ, K. La genèse d'une hérésie. Monde, corps et histoire dans la pensée de Jan Patočka. Librairie J. VRIN, Paris 2012, 184 s. ISBN 978-2-7116-2464-5.

  • SEPP, Rainer H. Über die Grenze. Prolegomena zu einer Theorie des Transkulturellen (libri nigri, vol. 1), Traugott Bautz: Nordhausen, 2014, 245 s. ISBN 978-3-88309-792-3 (paperback); 978-3-88309-793-0 .

  • DUFOURCQ, A. „Is a World without Animals Possible?“ Environmental Philosophy 2014; 11(1) s. 71-91. ISSN 1085-1968.

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