Confessionalism and Nationalism

Confessionalism and Nationalism

The Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University focuses on the following researchtopics: Catholic modernism at the end of the nineteenth and at the beginning of the twentieth century, confessionalism and nationalism, and secularization. Two major research schemes were concerned with these topics. In the broader theme of “Theology as a method of interpreting history and culture”, the research group led by Professor Jan B. Lášek explores the relationship between confessionalism and nationalism in the Czech Lands. The results so far indicate that when relationships between the adherents of the respective confessions are harmonious, no problems with extreme nationalism emerge. The results are published in the edition “Pontes Pragenses”, up to 2012 also in the edition “Deus et Gentes”, and also in the quarterly Theological Review HTF UK.

Selected outputs

  • HOGENOVÁ, Anna. Čas jako problém. Brno: L. Marek, 2012. ISBN 978-80-87127-59-9.

  • BIERNOT, David. Die Auslegung der biblischen Verbote der Wahrsagerei, Beschwörung und Hellseherei in der Mishneh Torah Maimunis. Religion and Theology, 2012, 19(3-4, 2012), p. 340-351. ISSN 1023-0807.

  • VEVERKOVÁ, Kamila. On the Problem of Czech Religiosity in the Nineteenth Century. Homiletisch-Liturgisches Korrespondenzblatt-Neue Folge, 2014, 31, p. 37-47. ISSN 0724-7680.

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