Environmental geochemistry group

Environmental geochemistry group

Environmental geochemistry group is composed of researchers at the Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources and at the Laboratories of the Geological Institutes of the Faculty of Science. Their joint research is focused on processes related to biogeochemical cycles of elements near the Earth surface, such as metals and metalloids from anthropogenic sources. In addition, it involves interactions among hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere and waste matter, as well as development of new analytical methods in environmental geology. The research activities are realised in the Czech Republic, in Europe, as well as on other continents, such as Africa and America.

Selected outputs

  • Mihaljevič M, Ettler V, Šebek O, Sracek O, Křibek B, Kyncl T, Majer V & Veselovský F. (2011): Lead isotopic and metallic pollution record in tree rings from the Copperbelt mining-smelting area, Zambia. - Water Air Soil Pollution 216: 657-668.

  • Drahota, P., Filippi, M., Ettler, V., Rohovec, J., Mihaljevič, M. & Šebek, O. (2012): Natural attenuation of arsenic in soils near a highly contaminated historical mine waste dump. - Science of the Total Environment 414: 546-555.

  • Ettler V, Konečný L, Kovářová L, Mihaljevič M, Sebek O, Kříbek B, Majer V, Veselovský F, Penížek V, Vaněk A & Nyambe I (2014): Surprisingly contrasting metal distribution and fractionation patterns in copper smelter-affected tropical soils in forested and grassland areas (Mufulira, Zambian Copperbelt). - Science of the Total Environment 473: 117-124.

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