Faculty of Arts

Prague Laboratory for Experimental Social Sciences

In the PLESS laboratory, they aim to set the principles of open and trustworthy science as standards of doing research in Czech Republic. They conduct high quality, transparent and reproducibile research and promote ideas of open science in academia as well as among the general public.

Website: http://pless.cz/en

Contact: Prague Laboratory for Experimental Social Sciences

Department of Psychology of Faculty of Arts

Celetná 20

116 42 Prague 1

Email: experiment@pless.cz

SOCKA: Society of the Students of Sociology

Socka is a student group aiming to improve the atmosphere at the Department of Sociology by organizing regular events of all kinds for both students and teachers. For example Socinema, a series of movie screenings followed by a discussion with an invited expert (and later by a pub session). Each year, we also throw a Christmas party for all students, teachers and graduates of our department, where we  can all meet in a more informal setting. For foreign students, society offers induction events, as well as university and city tours.

Web page: http://www.ff.cuni.cz/home/students/student-life/student-associations-clubs/socka-society-students-sociology/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spoleksocka/

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