Rector’s Directive No. 27/2013

Code of Procedure for the Ethics Commission

To implement: Part IV, point 2 of the Ethics Code of Charles University in Prague

Effective as of: 1 November 2013

Article 1

Basic Provision

The Ethics Commission (the “Commission”) is established in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Charles University (the “Code of Ethics” and the “University”) to deal with submissions concerning compliance with the Code of Ethics.

Article 2

Composition of the Commission

1. The Commission is composed of seven members. The chairman and six members are appointed and dismissed by the Rector; a term of office is for three years. The Commission is made up of the members of the academic community of the University. Two members of the Commission are nominated by the Research Board of the University, and three members of the Commission are nominated by the Academic Senate of the University, and at least two of them must be students of the University.

2. Membership in the Commission is conditional upon written consent of the appointee to the membership or to the chairmanship, coupled with a confidentiality agreement regarding any confidential or sensitive issues arising from the submissions discussed; this provision applies by analogy to the chairman of the Commission.

3. On the chairman’s proposal, the Rector may, in order to consider a specific case, appoint ad hoc other members of the Commission in an advisory capacity; the provision of paragraph 2 applies to such other members by analogy.

Article 3

Principles Governing the Commission’s Work

1. The Commission holds meetings as necessary, but no less than once a year. The meetings are convened and chaired by the chairman of the Commission or a member of the Commission authorised by the chairman. The chairman is required to convene a meeting if at least two members of the Commission so request.

2. The Commission considers submissions made by members of the academic community and other employees of the University concerning compliance with the Code of Ethics. A submission is made in writing to the chairman of the Commission.

3. The Commission considers individual submissions at its next meeting, and decides on appropriate solutions. Any submissions which do not directly concern the Code of Ethics are inadmissible and are not considered on their merits.

4. The meetings of the Commission are not public. Where necessary, the Commission is entitled to request other documents including opinions or statements.

5. The Commission gives its written statement on each submission which is considered on its merits. The statement contains the Commission’s opinion.

6. The chairman and Commission members have one vote each. For a draft resolution to be adopted, it is necessary to obtain at least four votes in its favour. The vote can be secret if the chairman or any member of the Commission so propose.

7. The Commission’s statement is sent to the applicant, interested persons, the Rector, and the President of the Academic Senate of the University.

8. The Commission’s statement is published on the University website, except for confidential information, in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended.

Article 4

Final Provisions

1. This directive is issued after the Academic Senate of the University gave its opinion on 11 October 2013.

2. This directive becomes effective on 1 November 2013.

In Prague on 31 October 2013

Prof. RNDr. Václav Hampl, DrSc.


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