Rector's Directive No. 33/2016

Effect: 1 January 2017

Crisis Communication and Interventions in Emergency Situations and Crisis Situations within the Framework of Student Mobility

Article I – Introduction

With respect to the increasing number of emergency situations and crisis situations (“ES” and “CS” respectively) relating to stays of students of Charles University abroad (“Outbound Students”), as well as of foreign students at Charles University (“Incoming Students”), the Rector of Charles University adopted a directive to minimise the impacts of such situations on students, effective as of 1st January 2017.

The procedure to manage ES and CS focuses on student mobility within the framework of both inter-university agreements and the Erasmus+ Programme. Crisis management mechanisms are reserved solely for cases of extremely serious ES and CS (e.g., serious crime: battery, rape, disappearance, kidnapping, blackmailing, etc.; natural or anthropogenic crisis: natural disasters, mass contagion, large catastrophes, political/social crisis, war, terrorism, etc.).

Article II – Crisis Communication Working Groups

For the purposes of crisis communication, the Rector of Charles University establishes the working group “Crisis Communication of Charles University for Student Mobility” as a part of the Emergency Committee of Charles University. The members of the working group are as follows: Chief Financial Officer, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Mobility, the head of the Information, Advisory and Social Affairs Centre, the head of the Security Department, the head of the Foreign Relations Department, and the head of the Public Relations Department.

Article III – Means of Crisis Communication

The Rector of Charles University establishes the following means of crisis communication for crisis communication with both outbound students and incoming students:

  • e-mail boxes (for outbound students:; for incoming students:;

  • information for students regarding procedures in the case of ES and CS in both Czech and English on the website of Charles University (Students: practical information);

  • mobile phone numbers;

  • information materials for both incoming and outbound students.

Article IV – Duties of Faculties

The Rector of Charles University obliges the faculties to adopt measures to minimise the impact of ES and CS in the case of student mobility within the framework of faculty agreements, and in the case of the mobility of foreign students coming within the framework of programmes outside the scope of Erasmus+ Programme and inter-university agreements. The faculties will provide the contact details of the liaison officer in charge of crisis communication activities at the faculty level to the Foreign Affairs Department of the Rector’s Office and the Information, Advisory and Social Affairs Centre of the Rector’s Office.

Article V – Duties of Students

In compliance with this directive, an outbound student is obliged to ensure he/she has sufficient health insurance valid in the relevant country, to register in the system of Voluntary Registration of Czech Citizens Travelling Abroad (DROZD), to provide the University with valid contact details at which he/she will be available while abroad, as well as the contact details of an emergency contact. An incoming student is obliged to provide proof of valid insurance for the Czech Republic and to provide Charles University with his/her valid contact details (including contact details of a contact/close person).

In Prague on 21st November 2016

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA


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