Rector´s Directive No. 18/2022


Support for Cooperation with Ukraine in Research and Education

Lead Office:

Study Affairs Department

Effective date:

15 May 2022

Support for Cooperation with Ukraine in Research and Education

Article 1 – Introductory provisions

The Directive herein is to regulate the supply of financial support to researchers who (a) have maintained the existing cooperation with a Ukrainian university, which is intended to be further developed; or (b) wish to commence new cooperation, ideally, but not as a condition, in cooperation with another university included in 4EU+Alliance. Financing taken from the institutional support for the long-term development of a research institution approved by the Academic Senate of CU as part of the Principles of Dividing Contributions and Subsidies at Charles University (CU) on 1 April 2022, can be used for the “opening” of an ongoing 4EU+ common course to a Ukrainian partner. The Directive herein is in compliance with the statement of 4EU+ Alliance regarding the recent war situation in Ukraine.

Article 2 – Rules for submitting an application

An applicant for the financial support must be an employee of Charles University employed for a minimum of 0.5 regular working load.

The maximum amount which can be applied for is CZK 100,000.

In addition to the main researcher from CU, the proposed project must include a partner from any Ukrainian university.

Applications can be submitted continuously.

Article 3 – Structure of an application

An application is to be submitted electronically on a form available on the website of the European Centre:

An application must contain the following information:


Included universities and researchers (cooperation can be ongoing, or new with agreed partners);


Summary and expected outcomes of the project;


Objectives of the project;


Itemized budget required to be funded with reasoning; and


The written statement of interest to cooperate presented by foreign partners undersigned by the main researcher and the head of a respective unit.

Article 4 – Deciding an application

The Rector will make a decision on awarding financial support upon the proposal of the committee composed of the Rector, a member of the Rector´s Board in charge of 4EU+ Alliance, a member of the 4EU+ Local Office.

Upon the Rector´s affirmative decision, a trilateral agreement between the CU, the main researcher of the project, and the respective Faculty is to be concluded.

Article 5 – Modes of Using the Support

The financial support can be used to promote research and educational projects, to advance research including the coverage of travel expenses, organization of conferences/workshops or initial project meetings, to encourage the exchange of doctoral students or post-docs, to organize short-term visits within research and educational teams, to draft common documents promoting virtual mobility, or to financially assist persons involved in the preparation of the project.

The financial support awarded must not be used to cover investments.

The financial support must be used in compliance with the Decision of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports to provide subsidies from the state budget of the Czech Republic for the long-term conceptual development of a research organisation for the year 2022.

Article 6 – Final Provisions

The Directive herein becomes effective on 15 May 2022.

Prague, 2 May 2022

prof. MUDr. Milena Králíčková, Ph.D.


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