Advice and Counselling Centres

Our International Student Advisors provide information services in English to assist international students during their period of study.

We can help you with the practical aspects of living in Prague and counsel on general matters related to study.

If you need to know about anything and do not know who to ask, we may serve as your first point of contact.

In case of deeper or more serious matters we will refer you to the right individual who will be able to assist you further.


CU Point - Information, Counselling and Social Service Centre 

Celetná 13, Prague 1 (ground floor)

(arrange personal appointment by email or phone please)

Psychological Counselling for International Students

We offer counselling in English, free of charge for all CU students and employees. Should you need our help to deal with your study, family, personal or other problems, you are welcome to come to our Counselling Centre for International Students.

Address: Školská 13a, Prague 1 (small green door)

The consultations take place mainly at Školská, sometimes at offices of individual counsellors. You can visit the counselling in person and we also offer services on-line. We use Skype, Teams, ZOOM and other available tools, according to your agreement with the chosen counsellor.

You can book an appointment on the web of the Counselling Office:

We also offer other services like coaching, legal counselling etc. you can find more information here:

If you need any advice or help you can also write to:

Other Advice and Counselling Centres

Besides psychological counselling in English, we can also offer additional to help you with careers, social and legal issues, coaching, plus counselling services.

In addition to the centres listed above, you can also visit the advice and counselling centres at the individual faculties or enquire about advice and counselling centres at other higher education institutions in the Czech Republic.

Counselling centres at the individual faculties

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