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Coronavirus guidelines and information + contacts and FAQ

Charles University (CU) is closely monitoring the covid-19 situation and is keeping the academic community continually informed with up-to-date information. CU is following, and will follow, the recommendations of the relevant state bodies and is prepared to react promptly to developments.

29 March 2021

Warning against fraudulent e-mails misusing the name of CU

Charles University urgently warns against fraudulent e-mails that were sent on the night of 25 March 2021. These e-mails contain a false request for a price quote and misuse the name of CU and its e-mail addresses, both fictional and real. This is a scam. These e-mails have nothing to do with Charles University.

26 March 2021

Current information on employee testing and entry to CU premises

Based on the Czech government’s Emergency Measure, starting on 17 March 2021 employees shall not be admitted to workplaces without confirmation that they have tested negative for SARS-CoV-2. For this reason, Charles University is initiating the large-scale testing of its employees.

22 March 2021

Special appeal for support for online student activities

The goal of this appeal is to support student clubs and associations at CU (and/or related activities by individuals), particularly in the following areas: online getting-to-know-you events and information activities for first-year students, activities for caring for students’ mental health, sports and introductory activities for students, activities for support and popularisation connected to study.

29 March 2021

Experts: Outbreak was only a matter of time

Speakers at a one-day conference at Charles University focusing on the pandemic more than a year on agreed: an outbreak  such as the one we have seen was a ticking time bomb. Despite how prepared we might be in terms of knowledge, virologist Ladislav Machala said globalisation had shown we have never been “more vulnerable.“

25 March 2021

Research data management e-learning course now in English

Last year, the Open Science Support Centre launched a popular e-learning course on Research Data Management. We are happy to announce that the course is now available in English, too! The Research Data Management course introduces basic concepts of research data management as well as some specific tools that can help you manage your data effectively.

22 March 2021

Workshop for foreign employees of CU - Communication skills

Find a better way how to present your ideas! This interactive webinar organized by Staff Welcome Centre will introduce you to some of the skills you need to communicate more effectively at work.

12 March 2021

The 6th Year of the PRIMUS Research Programme!

Take a unique opportunity to start a new scientific group or laboratory at the Charles University! The sixth year of the PRIMUS Research Programme is comming!

Primus Research program aims at supporting researchers, increasing the dynamics of scientific work, including the mobility of workers, and the development of young scientists.

1 March 2021

Forum: Researching social interaction during the pandemic

A new study by economists at the CERGE-EI think-tank IDEA researching social interaction and the spread of Covid-19, provides answers to where mistakes were made during the pandemic. March 1 marks exactly one year since the Czech Republic registered its first two cases of the novel coronavirus.

1 March 2021

Philosopher and former education minister Jan Sokol dies at 84

Czech philosopher Jan Sokol, a signatory of the Charter 77 human rights declaration in 1976, has died at the age of 84. He was a key public figure known for his work in academia, his contributions to clandestine samizdat literature in communist Czechoslovakia, and – following communism – was a former MP, minister of education as well as one-time presidential candidate. In the election in 2003, he lost to former prime minister Václav Klaus.

16 February 2021

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