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9 November 2021

Students to students - Student Chamber of the Academic Senate of Charles University

Dear students,

after three semesters of online learning, we all realize how valuable it is that we can be meeting once again; to encounter lecturers in class, discuss face-to-face, and acquire knowledge through practise. Last year was especially demanding for those who just started their first year at university. Even in normal circumstances is the arrival to a new environment and the separation from family hard. Recently, it has been made harder by the lack of opportunities to integrate into the new social environment. There were also exceptional complications for those of us who were writing their final theses which was impossible in many fields.

Nevertheless, the education process was not only hard for us. It had a great impact on the lecturers who had to learn new ways of teaching to be able to provide us with all that we would need for our future professions.

In recent past we have almost exceeded the imaginary 10 000 cases milestone in the number of COVID-19 infections per day. A year ago, the situation was statistically more favourable, yet, during the state of emergency, the Government of the Czech Republic restricted the operation of universities and summoned some students for work duty with effect from 5th October 2020.

Therefore, let us work together and follow all the anti-epidemic regulations to prevent another school shut down. The more we comply with the regulations, the higher is the chance to maintain regular face-to-face teaching.

If our health allows is, let us wear face masks in all indoor spaces, not only at the university premises. Let us keep social distance to prevent the spread of infection as much as possible. Think carefully about participating on social events with a cumulation of people without face masks. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly; use disinfection. Last but not least – get vaccinated.

Only this way we will have sufficient arguments to keep the teaching face-to-face.

Thank you for being responsible!

Student rerpresentatives in the Academic Senate of the Charles University


Members of the Academic Senate: Senátorky a senátoři AS UK - Univerzita Karlova (cuni.cz)

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