Model Diploma Supplement

The diploma supplement is issued in accordance with Section 57 of Act 111/1998 Sb. on higher education institutions, centrally as a standardized output of the Charles University Information System.

The supplement follows the model established by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES, and is based on empirical data on professional qualifications collected and provided by higher education institutions. The supplement describes the nature, content, level and status of the studies completed by the holder of the diploma supplement, on which the acquired qualification is based. The supplement is a useful accompaniment to the holder’s standard diploma certificate. It can be used both nationally and internationally as an instrument to facilitate academic and professional mobility and to support the recognition of qualifications.

Although the diploma supplement is a public document, it is not a substitute for the standard diploma certificate, nor does it guarantee that the holder’s degree will be recognized. The diploma supplement is issued as a bilingual document (Czech-English). It is provided automatically and free of charge to all graduates.

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