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Charles University presents itself as one of the leading research universities in Central Europe. To keep in touch with the best - international research and development cooperation is an integral part of university's policy.

Being part of European Union brings endless opportunities for researchers and other academic staff. In FP7 CU received more than hundred projects funded by EU, in H2020 we are on 80 so far and getting ready for the new framework programme Horizon Europe.

The most prestigious of these projects include those funded by the European Research Council (ERC), which runs what is currently the most competitive grant scheme in the world. ERC grants are very important for our progress and motivation. Since 2010 CU received 13 ERC grants in different categories.

There are of course other programs and possibilities how to cooperate with international colleagues, how to travel and gather experience and how to get the most from international opportunities. Czech Ministry of Education offers different competitions and grants and other institutions are ready to help academics to extend their horizons and help them financially to achieve their goals - please see European Centre webpage for more.

In order to get more information there are different departments at Rectorate of CU. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Department of Science and Research - European Centre

International Relations Department

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