Rector's Directive No. 61/2018

Evaluation of Creative Activities in the 2014 - 2018 Period

Date of effect: 19 December 2018

Article 1 - Fundamental Provision

1. This Rector’s Directive is issued to implement Article 10 of Rector’s Directive No. 44/2018 Strategy for Evaluating Creative Activities at Charles University (“Strategy”).

Article 2 - Evaluation Cycle Calendar (Article 10 (1) of the Strategy)

1. In accordance with Article 10 of the Strategy the following deadlines for the first cycle of evaluation of creative activities at CU have been set.


To implement

Deadline for


para. 1, (a)

Commencement of the inter-nal evaluation

1 March 2019

para. 1, (b)

Setting of the academic eval-uation parameters under Article 11 of the Strategy

11 April 2019

para. 1, (c)

Assignment of persons to fields, selection of outputs to be peer reviewed, submission of proposals for the as-signment of persons to the list of reviewers, and estab-lishment of Expert Panels

26 June 2019

para. 1, (d)

Checking of the material cor-rectness of the input data

25 July 2019

para. 1, (e)

Consideration of the self-evaluation report of units, production of the biblio-metric report, peer review completion, and submission of documents to the Expert Panels and the Creative Ac-tivities Evaluation Board

16 January 2020

para. 1, (f)

Processing of research area evaluation reports

13 May 2020

para. 1, (g)

Expressing of opinion on research area reports by the units

17 June 2020

para. 1, (h)

Preparation of the Final Re-port

16 October 2020

para. 1, (i)

Expressing of opinion on the Final Report by the units

24 November 2020

para. 1, (j)

Submission of the Final Re-port to the University bodies for discussion

22 December 2020

Article 3 - Technical Parameters of Evaluation (Article 10 (2) of the Strategy)

1. The evaluation period in the first evaluation cycle runs from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2018.

2. In order to include a person as a member of key staff, the decisive factors in the first evaluation cycle are:

a) pay band of AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4, L1, L2, VP1, VP2 and VP3; and

b) involvement rate of no less than 50 %.

3. In the first evaluation cycle no more than 2,500 outputs will be peer reviewed.

Article 4 - Other Provisions

1. In accordance with Article 17 (2) of the Strategy, the deans of faculties and directors of other units shall by 15 January 2019:

a) Send to the email address of the Research Support Office of the Rectorate the nomination of foreign experts, who are not in conflict of interest (within the meaning of Appendix No. 8 of the Strategy), to become members of Expert Panels and to become the reviewers of outputs in peer review;

b) Appoint the evaluation coordinator at the unit (and possible deputies); and

c) Ensure that a flag identifying the appointed coordinator and his deputies is entered in the human resources register of CU;

2. The nominations under paragraph 1 (a) shall contain:

a) Very brief justification of the nomination including a specification as to whether the per-son is being nominated as a member of Expert Panel or as a reviewer;

b) The field/fields in which the nominated person carries out research/publishes;

c) The contact details of the nominated researcher and his personal identifier; and

d) A statement as to whether the nominee was informed of his nomination and possibly also whether he agreed to it.

3. The deadline for appointment to the Creative Activities Evaluation Board under Article 14 (4) of the Strategy is the same as the date of commencement of the internal evaluation.

Article 5 - Final Provisions

1. This Rector’s Directive is issued in the Czech and English languages.

2. This Rector’s Directive becomes effective on the date of issuance.

In Prague on 19 December 2018

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA

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