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Deadlines for applying for a starter flat are established with consideration for new or freed-up capacity for starter flats. The deadlines together with other information are sent to the faculties and other units. They are also published on the following webpage

General information

Starter flats are flats in buildings owned or co-owned by Charles University (the “university”) that are intended especially for beginning young academic and research staff of the university who have an urgent need for housing for themselves, their families, or for their young children, or children or close persons in their care.

An employee may apply for a starter flat under the following conditions:

  • The employee must not be older than 34 years of age during the calendar year of applying,

  • Their workload at the university, including any work at a university hospital, must be full-time,

  • Their employment at the university is in the position of academic or research staff member,

  • Their employment is concluded for at least one year or for an indefinite period of time, and

  • They have not yet been granted a starter flat.

If an employee does not fulfil one or more of these conditions, they must state this circumstance in the application and also provide valid reasons why their application should still be considered. In justified cases, the committee may recommend to the Rector an exception.

If an employee demonstrably cares for a child or another close person, they do not need to meet the condition of full-time work. The workload may be less than full-time.

Allocation of a starter flat is further determined by the maximum average earnings and the fact that the employee is not the owner of a flat or family house, with the help of which they could solve their housing need and at the same time work at the university.

The rules for allocating starter flats at Charles University are set out in Rector’s Directive no. 4/2022.

Applicants must apply for a starter flat in writing (electronic form is preferred), which is submitted to the Rector’s Office of the university by the established deadlines. Attached to the application is a statement from the dean of the faculty or the director of another unit where the applicant works. The deadlines for submitting applications are set by the Committee for Allocation of Starter Flats, taking into consideration new or vacant starter flats. These deadlines, along with other information, are sent to the faculties and other units and are published on these web pages.

The Rector makes decisions on the applications, taking into account the opinion of the committee. The committee provides opinions on the applications based on compliance with the minimum conditions and taking into account in particular:

  • The social aspects of the applicant, in particular, whether they are also applying for a flat for their family or for a child or another close person,

  • Additionally, the contribution and prospects of the employee’s academic, research, and other creative activities and, in the case of an academic staff member, the degree of perspectivity of their educational activities and the importance of these activities for the university and the respective workplace,

  • And finally, the degree of need relating to temporarily resolving the employee’s housing issue.

If the application for allocation of a starter flat is accepted, a lease agreement is concluded with the applicant for a period of one year, however, no longer than until the end of the employee’s job position or the end of the calendar year in which the employee reaches the age of 35. The lease agreement can be extended once for up to 36 calendar months, under the terms set out in Rector’s Directive no. 4/2022. Upon fulfilling all of the conditions set out therein, the employee is entitled to this extension.

CU employees also have the opportunity to apply for priority dormitory accommodation – the university has accommodations available in the so-called conjugal dormitory or in single rooms with sanitary facilities.

List of members of the Committee for Allocation of Starter Flats

Doc. RNDr. Markéta Lopatková, Ph.D. – Committee chair

• prof. Ing. František Zahálka, Ph.D. – Committee vice-chair

• PhDr. Ing. Marie Vymazalová, Ph.D.

• RNDr. Aleš Soukup, Ph.D.

• Mgr., Bc. Eliška Klimentová

• PhDr. David Emler, Ph.D.

• RNDr. Jakub Vaverka, Ph.D.

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