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Starter flats are flats in buildings that are owned or co-owned by Charles University (the “university”) reserved for young academic staff members and researchers of the university who are not older than 35 years during the calendar year of submission of the offer and whose working hours at the university at a specific unit are, and have been for at least one year, 0.7 of a full-time position and whose employment contract has been concluded for at least three years or for an indefinite period of time. A condition for assignment of a starter flat is the established maximum average earnings and the fact that an employee is not the owner of a flat or house that the employee could use for living and at the same time perform work at the university.

An interested party may apply for a starter flat by submitting the application to the Rector’s Office of the university by the deadline. The opinion of the dean of the faculty or director of the unit where the applicant works is attached to the application. The deadlines for applying are established by the committee for assigning starter flats with consideration for new or freed-up capacity for starter flats. These deadlines together with other information are sent to the faculties and other units and are published on these web pages.

The Rector decides on the application, taking into account the opinion of the committee. If the starter flat application is accepted, a lease agreement is signed with the applicant for a period of one year, however, no longer than to the end of the employee’s employment period. If the employment continues, the lease agreement may be renewed up to three times for a maximum of one year. Based on the recommendation of the dean or the director of another unit, the employee is entitled to this renewal upon fulfilling all of the terms set out in Rector’s Measure no. 34/2018.

Currently, all starter flats are occupied. When a starter flat is freed up, the faculties and other units will be informed of the deadline for submitting the application. The deadline will also be published on these web pages.

CU employees may also apply for accommodation in dormitories – the university has accommodation in so-called conjugal dormitories or in single rooms with bathroom facilities.

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