Logging into the Study Information System (“SIS”)

Users of SIS applications log in at http://is.cuni.cz/studium.

User name and password

The user login for access to the central SIS is:

  • For students of Charles University faculties:

    • User name – the user name can be the personal identification number (printed below the photograph on the student ID card) or the CAS (Charles University Central Authentication Service) login. An application is available to find your login details by entering your personal ID number..

    • Password – this is assigned by CAS; for more details, see here.

  • For staff of Charles University faculties:

    • User name - assigned by CAS (the Charles University Central Authentication Service).

    • Password - assigned by CAS.

  • For lifelong learning programme participants:

    Lifelong learning programme participants acquire access when their user password is set by CAS (Charles University’s Central Authentication Service). Lifelong learning participants do not need to have an external user ID for their password to be set.

    • User name - assigned by CAS.

    • Password - assigned by CAS; for more details, see here.

  • For all users of SIS web applications:

    • The personal identification number (indicated below the photograph on the student card, staff card or card for external users of the service) can be used as an alternative user name.

Activation and expiry of user passwords in CAS

A password can be activated/set/reset in CAS in two ways:

  1. You can ask for your initial password to be generated (and printed out) at any card service centre (location and opening hours of card service centres). The initial password does not allow access to applications, but it enables you to set your own password, with which you can then access all the applications used in CAS. The initial password is valid for 5 calendar days from the date of issue.

  2. Use the form on https://ldap.cuni.cz/reset to fill in the required personal data (first name, last name, personal ID number, date of birth, the last four digits of your national ID number and a valid email address) and type in your own password. If all the personal data match the data held on record (in the case of students, this is the data in the study database; in the case of staff, it is the data in the personnel and payroll system of their faculties), you will receive an email to the address indicated in the form, containing a link to a page where you will be asked to confirm your password. The confirmed password will then be set up in the CAS system and you will be able to use it to log into SIS (and other systems). The menu at http://ldap.cuni.cz contains the link “Solve problem with Central Authentication Service” where you can deal with login issues.

    Note: Some faculties and other parts of the University do not allow this manner of setting passwords.

The password set as described in paragraph 2 (i.e. using the web form without having to visit the card service centre) is sufficient to access the central SIS. However, this password is considered less secure than the password activated as described in paragraph 1, and for this reason it does not allow access to certain systems/applications. The full list of restricted systems/applications is available at https://ldap.cuni.cz/doc/services; it currently applies to the University eduroam (but not the Faculty of Law eduroam), the JINONICE domain and the Pharmaceutical Faculty domain.

The easiest way to avoid expiry of a password is to change it in advance at https://ldap.cuni.cz. If your password does expire, a new password can be activated by following the procedure outlined in paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 above.

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