Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of our Faculty of Science is one of the oldest university gardens in Europe. In the complex covering 3.5 ha, besides the faculty buildings, there is a vast public area divided into several greenhouses and outdoor sections. The greenhouses are home to a permanent exhibition from the tropics and dry subtropics (the cacti and succulent collection). During the summer, the collection of wet subtropic plants is installed outdoors as well. In addition to the extensive collection of succulents, noteworthy are some of our large and old specimens of cycads, camellias or myrtles. Especially important is our unique specimen of Ginkgo biloba, the Ginkgo biloba cv. Praga, initially shaped using bonsai techniques and estimated to be about 130 years old. Furthermore, visitors can appreciate one of the first dawn redwoods introduced to Europe and other valuables. Yet, the most valuable of our collections covers the Central European flora. It was founded in 1904 and is maintained continuously ever since.

The Botanical Garden is visited annually by approx. 100.000 people. It serves not only as a source of demonstration material for the students of biology and other fields at the Charles University, but also offers a place for recreation to all people.

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