Carolinum is a national cultural monument and the main seat of Charles University; it has been owned by the university since 1383. Located at the heart of Prague's Old Town, Carolinum used to serve as a residence for professors teaching and living in our capital. It was also the main seat and residence of the rector and other academic representatives. Nowadays, it is used as the main ceremonial assembly point of our university, housing most of the rectorate's offices.

One of its most important rooms is the Aula Magna (Great Hall) on the second floor, where all the university's major ceremonies and events take place. The front wall of the Aula Magna is covered by a tapestry designed by Vladimír Sychra, incorporating motifs from the oldest Charles University seal in its centre, as well as excerpts from its Foundation Charter of 1348 and the symbols of the four original faculties. One of its outstanding architectural features is the Gothic oriel window with the original University chapel.

Other important and beautifully decorated rooms include the Small Hall and the Patriotic Hall, with busts of prominent figures from Czech history. On the ground floor are the Imperial Hall (with portraits of the Austrian monarch's Maria Theresa, Joseph II, and Leopold II painted by Barbara Kraft-Steiner in 1799) and the Cross Corridor with its original Gothic vaulted ceiling, now used for exhibitions.

It is open to the public every workday from 10-18:00. Please note that the Aula Magna and other areas are in frequent use for official and ceremonial purposes, which might limit its accessibility to the public.

To inquire about guided tours for groups (available dates, prices etc.), please contact the Organizational Department of the rectorate ( and ). Besides Czech, our guides speak English, German, French, and Russian.

CU Point also organises regular tours for the university students. Please see the calendar or follow the newsletter and Facebook for future dates.

Virtual tour

We invite you to take a virtual tour of the beautiful Carolinum building with our Vice-Rector, Professor Jan Royt.

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