Inter-University Agreements

Most of Charles University’s inter-university agreements cover academic staff mobility, enabling staff to travel abroad for short periods (1–3 weeks) for purposes of research, study and teaching. Short-term study or research periods are also open to doctoral (PhD) students. For more information about this type of mobility period, please contact the International Relations Office at the Charles University Rector’s Office.

A list of partner universities currently involved in academic mobility schemes can be found here.

Forms of Employment Programs (Residence Registrations)

English version

German version

French version

Czech version


  • For all partner universities abroad, the deadline is November 15, 2019.

  • For scientific staff, research internships to non-European countries can be negotiated individually at any time during the year.

A completed form of the Employment Programme together with curriculum vitae should be submitted at your faculty’s foreign relations department by an earlier date set by the faculty. Your application and a list of persons sent abroad will be sent by the foreign relations departments of individual faculties to the Rectorate’s Foreign Relations Department by the abovementioned date.

Your application is decided by the relevant university abroad. Your nomination is confirmed by the Foreign Relations Department of the Rectorate, which then sends its approval of your nomination to your faculty. Your faculty will then invite you to arrange the date of your stay with your foreign partner.

Financial Provisions for Stay Abroad

Most agreements between universities state that the home university of the scholar in question may contribute to travel costs, while the host university covers the cost of the stay (i.e., accommodation and subsistence allowance). This provision is always adjusted to the current financial situation of both participating universities. In case the host university does not have the means to cover the cost of the scholar’s stay or can cover it only in part, the scholar has to find other sources to cover the cost of his or her stay.

Upon Return

Upon a return from a stay abroad, the scholar presents a report from the stay abroad to the Intarnational Relations Office of his or her faculty, which then forwards a copy of this report to the Foreign Relations Office of the Rectorate of the CU.


Mgr. Dita Faifrová

International Relations Office


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