Inter-University Agreements

Most of the interuniversity agreements that Charles University concludes with foreign partner universities promotes the mobility of researchers, PhD and post-doctoral students. These are short-term (one- to three-week) research, study and lecture visits, which the employees arrange in advance with their foreign partners.

Numbers of academic mobilities are contractually defined (number of days and people per year), subject to reciprocity and current financial conditions at both universities. Participation in academic mobility is by no means claimative or automatic.

A list of partner universities currently involved in academic mobility schemes can be found here.

Who can apply to take part in an academic mobility competition

  • scientific and teaching staff of all faculties of Charles University, incl. post-doctoral students (in regular employment with the Charles University, not freelancers),

  • PhD students in all faculties of Charles University.

Requirements for the application

The applicant shall contact her/his current or potential scientific partner at a foreign contracting university and negotiate with them the specific content and purpose of her/his stay. On the basis of this agreement, she/he shall prepare a request including:

  • Academic Visitor Application

  • an invitation letter on letterhead from a foreign partner showing consent to the purpose of the applicant's stay

  • justification for multiple stays (when applying for more than 2 trips per year to one country).


The application that meets all requirements shall be approved by the head of the department. At the faculty level, the Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs shall decide on the nominations. The faculty will set a closing date.

The Vice-Rector for International Relations and Mobility shall decide on nominations on the CU level. The closing date is 8 December 2020.

Applications for mobility in non-European countries can be discussed individually at any time of the year.

Financial backing of the stay

The faculty of Charles University contributes to travel expenses according to internal rules, the host university contributes to the living expenses (ie. accommodation and per diems). The level of contributions varies from country to country and is also governed by the university’s current financial capacity. In the event that a foreign university does not have sufficient financial resources to cover subsistence costs or can only partially cover them, the researcher must secure an additional source of funding.

Upon Return

Upon a return from a stay abroad, the scholar presents a report from the stay abroad to the International Relations Office of his or her faculty, which then forwards a copy of this report to the International Relations Office of the Rectorate of the CU.


Mgr. Dita Faifrová

International Relations Office


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