OBD – Publishing Activity Records

The job of the OBD (a Czech acronym meaning Personal Bibliographic Database) is to collect and administer records of publishing and other results of intellectual and creative activity at Charles University.

Public access to a summary of the OBD data is at verso.is.cuni.cz/public.

The data is fed into the application the authors themselves. The accuracy of the data entered into the system is supported by a system of codes: individual codes linked to the Charles University staff/payroll system, codes for journals, codes for grants, etc. The workflow is staged, allowing easy control and validation during the data entry process. The administrator may attach an error report to an entry and return it to the person who entered the data for correction.

Users may store their entries in files, which they can share with other users. Filters are available to facilitate searching, and the retrieved entry can be exported into Word or Excel using various templates.

The administrator has tools to bulk-change all entries and to create export templates and import entries from the Web of Science.

The system is centralized for the whole of Charles University; all you need in order to use it is a computer connected to the internet and equipped with a modern internet browser.

How to log into the application

Users (staff and students) log in at verso.is.cuni.cz.

Users log in with their staff or student personal ID number (indicated under the photograph in the Charles University staff or student card) and the password set in CAS (Central Authentication Service).

For answers to specific questions concerning the use of the OBD or for help with a specific problem, please contact the OBD administrator at your faculty or other part of the University.

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