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The management of Charles University (CU) and the Faculty of Arts of CU (FA CU) is making public the latest information following the tragic events of December 21, 2023.

➤ Latest information for students at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University regarding the organization of teaching and fulfilling study obligations, the operation of the main building of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, the libraries and the Dean's Office, as well as ongoing psychological support and intervention can now be found on the website of the Faculty of Arts at this link:

Renewal of Academic Life at Faculty of Arts, Charles University, II. (published January 17, 2024)

➤ Teaching at other faculties of CU (excluding FA CU) continues as usual with the recommendation that all participants take a sensitive approach in light of the recent tragic events.

➤ Safe environment | The university leadership, including the leadership of individual faculties and components, is actively addressing the question of appropriate reinforcement of security measures. At the same time, the CU Security Department's hotline + 420 771 275 564 will start operating on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The University is preparing and will shortly publish important information and procedures on how to respond in the event of various security incidents.

Charles University will continue to provide organisational, material, and psychological support to all those in need and urges everyone who feels any need for psychological assistance to utilise available services. Such assistance is offered not only by CU and other entities (information can be found here) but also by the free Crisis Line of the Czech Police: +420 974 823 158. Please do not hesitate to seek help.

➤ The distribution/return of belongings left in the main building of FA CU | Distribution/return of personal belongings takes place from Thursday, January 4, 2024, throughout January and February 2024 (newly extended by one month) every Thursday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 pm, and every Tuesday from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. at CU POINT, Celetná 13, Prague 1.

➤ Any queries regarding the distribution of personal belongings since Wednesday, January 3, 2024, will be addressed during regular working hours on the CU POINT information telephone line +420 800 100 790. Furthermore, anyone who did not find their personal items complete or at all during the distribution is requested to contact the emergency line of the Czech Police directly: +420 974 823 158. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Reviving the university - acts of gradual return

➤ A MONTH FOR THE FACULTY | As the main building of the Faculty of Arts will be closed for at least the whole January, a meeting place for the whole university community and the public is created. The return of academic life and the restoration of Jan Palach Square as a home space is a necessary part of the process of coming to terms with a tragic event that changed the life of the entire community in a short moment. The Month for the Faculty will take place at Jan Palach Square and will include various events that are currently in the pipeline.

➤ „Opening“ of the Faculty of Arts on January 21, 2024 | As part of the Month for the Faculty initiative, a commemoration of the first month since the tragic events of 21 December 2023 will take place. More info

The symbolic move of light | Month for the Faculty began on January 4, 2024 as a spontaneous activity of students and student associations, not only from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. The initiative was launched on January 4 with a memorial procession from the Karolina memorial towards Jan Palach Square, where participants symbolically embraced the building.

Memorial fire | On January 4 2024, a memorial fire was lit on Jan Palach Square, which will burn there for a whole month.

Artistic processing of memorial objects | On the morning of January 5, 2024,the removal of candles and objects left behind from the existing memorial sites took place. The material will be used to create a memorial object. This plan will be consulted by CU with the academic community and the concept will be developed as part of the Month for Faculty activities.

Charles University also expresses gratitude to the media for fair and sensitive reporting on the entire tragic situation and simultaneously appreciates when they do not give space to trivializing and derogatory reactions and statements.

We stand with all of you in these difficult times, and our thoughts remain with the families of the deceased and injured.

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