Charles University Facility Management System

Charles University’s electronic facility management system enables the University to maintain a complete digital database of all planning and technical documentation for its buildings, land and other facilities.

Given the University’s extensive real estate portfolio and the large number of users who would need to access the facility management system, a feasibility study was commissioned in 2010 in order to set the design parameters for the system.

Based on this feasibility study, the University announced a preliminary tender for a project to design a fully electronic facility management system and draw up a project for its implementation. The tender was won by EFA Services s.r.o., which produced the following preliminary documentation:

  • a survey of all Charles University facilities, including assessments of facility layout, total area, existing planning and technical documentation, and the designation of contact persons

  • plans for a suitable CAD surveying and imaging process

  • methodology for collecting and recording data in the new facility management system

  • specification of software requirements

  • a workflow plan

Every building belonging to the University was surveyed, the built area was calculated according to cadastral data, and the layout of the individual levels was verified on-site. Technicians also verified the quality and extent of the existing planning documentation (on paper or in DWG format) for each building; the resulting data was entered into the database.

The University then announced a second tender for a company to implement the facility management system. The winning bid was submitted by EFA Services s.r.o. The company installed its software at the University’s various facilities, and held training sessions for University staff who would be working with the system.

The EFA system consists of several components:

  • building data

  • facility management data

  • CAD imaging data

  • photo documentation, user manuals

  • knowledge base for problem-solving

  • help-desk

  • medical equipment

  • technologies

  • planned maintenance, preventive measures

  • barcode inventories

  • ordering module, invoicing module

  • repairs log (with history)

  • user-specific settings

Besides selecting a software provider, the University also selected a company to convert the current planning documentation (either on paper or in digital form) into a standardized digital format that can be processed by the EFA system. This contract was won by SEVIN s.r.o. in 2011.

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