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Founded in 1947, Council on International Educational Exchange is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to helping people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. The organization is one of the world’s leading operators of international educational exchange programs.

CIEE in Prague

CIEE, in cooperation with FF UK (Faculty of Arts / Filozofická Fakulta) and UJOP UK (Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies / Ústav jazykové a odborné přípravy), brings as many as 250 U.S. students for one or two semesters of study abroad in Prague. CIEE students come from U.S. universities that are members of the CIEE Academic Consortium, including institutions such as Georgetown, Penn State, Northwestern University, UCEAP, University of Colorado-Boulder and many others. The majority of CIEE participants in Prague specialize in such fields as political science, film studies, history, English, business, economics, art, and social science.

CIEE Study Center in Prague:


Štulcova 89/1

128 00 Praha 2

Tel.: 224 923 084


Center Director:

Academic Director:

Student Services Director: Eva Tomišková

Prague reception:

Academic Opportunities for Charles University students

to gain knowledge

Bridging Perspectives Program

Charles University (CU) students, including Erasmus+ and other international students, can take courses in English as part of CIEE´s Bridging Perspectives Program. Selected CU students enroll in CIEE courses based on their interests and CIEE course availability during the Fall and/or Spring semesters and add an international dimension to their CU degree. Participants experience and gain insight into academic structures concomitant with the U.S. university system and U.S. cultural environment while earning credentials for their resume and towards their future academic pursuits.

Guest Lectures

Every semester, CIEE invites several guest speakers to discuss various topics pertaining to current issues of interest. The lectures relate to the program curriculum and encourage students to explore specific topics further. The discussions cover a range of topics including current events in politics and humanities, as well as Czech and Central European history and arts.

Czech Buddies and Resident Assistants

CU students have an excellent opportunity to develop expertise that is important for succeeding in a globally interdependent world and practice leadership skills, mentoring, English language and cross-cultural communication by participating in the CIEE Czech Buddy Program or the Resident Assistant Program (see details below).

Orientation Guides

Become an Orientation Guide and help us introduce U.S. students to the basics of everyday life in the city by welcoming them either at the airport or in CIEE-provided accommodation, showing them around Prague, accompanying them to on-site orientation venues and participating in orientation activities. The Orientation Guide is a short-term and paid job which takes place during the first week of every semester. For more information email

Czech Buddy Program

Czech Buddy is a Charles University student who lives with CIEE students and acts as a liaison between CIEE staff and CIEE students. The Czech Buddy is responsible for assisting students with adjustment to living abroad and day-to-day life in Prague, providing support to students in the fields of cultural immersion and intercultural learning, and for assisting the CIEE Prague team with emergency response in order to ensure the health, safety, and security of on-site students. Czech Buddies receive monthly financial compensation and accommodation in CIEE-administered apartments for a symbolic cost of 1CZK per semester..

House a Study Abroad Student (Homestays)

Czech families may “adopt” a CIEE university student from the U.S. for a semester. Under this program, CIEE students are placed in a Czech family household where they live during their period of stay in the Czech Republic. This is a wonderful opportunity for Czech families to include a native English speaker into their family and to learn more about a different culture. This program is particularly interesting for families with children or university students. CIEE offers these families a financial reward for offering students room-and-board and for their efforts of accepting students into their family for a term.

Volunteering Program

One of the CIEE program goals is to expand opportunities for cultural immersion as well as practical and professional skills for our program participants. Our students take part in various volunteer activities and assist in building the Czech civil society. So far, CIEE students have taught English, assisted teachers in classes, helped with Internet research, English correspondence, proofreading and editing texts. They have also helped with developing programs and have contributed time to people with special needs and the elderly. By working with students of different cultural and working backgrounds, companies and organizations gain an international perspective and receive helping hands in their work from dedicated U.S. students. CIEE students are often a source of original ideas, many of which have been welcomed and integrated into the host organization/institution environment. Students usually visit their volunteer placements once a week for 1-2 hours for a period of 2-3 months, and they do so without any expectation of a financial reward. If you are interested in having a CIEE student work for you as a volunteer, please send an email to .

Meet Czech Families Program

CIEE provides opportunities to develop language and cross-cultural communication skills. Czech families interested in the program meet with CIEE students several times during the term for activities of mutual interest (such as dinners, sporting events, concerts, museum visits, conversations about cultural differences in local cafes). This program helps to improve the language skills of both parties, fosters intercultural communication and is also a lot of fun. If you would like to participate in this program, kindly send an email to .

Tandem Program

The TANDEM program is designed for Czech students who are interested to meet CIEE students several times during the term for activities of mutual interest. The program starts with a series of 'speed dating' style events during which you will have the opportunity to get to know all.

Participants, talk to each of them for a few minutes and find out who you would like to be paired up with. All participants then hand in a short questionnaire with their tandem partner preferences based on which they will be paired up with their tandem partner. And then it is all up to you and your tandem partner! You will meet for activities of mutual interest in your free time. You should meet up at least 3 times during the semester. For more information, please contact Jelena at

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