CU Alumni Club Card

Are you a CU Alumni Club member?

Pick up your CU Alumni Club Card and use discounts and benefits offered by both Charles University and external partner organisations.

You may opt for two types of CU Alumni Club Cards:

a. Basic membership card for a fee of 200 CZK.

You may take advantage of the reductions and benefits listed here.

b. Membership card with ALIVE licence for a fee of 200 CZK + annual fee of 230 CZK for the ALIVE licence.

You may take advantage of reductions and benefits listed here + ALIVE licence benefits.

Both types are valid for 9 years. Membership card with ALIVE licence needs to be extended annually.

The list of Card Service Centres and the opening hours are available here.

Not a CU Alumni Club member?

Sign up here.

What is CAS?

The Charles University Authentication Service (CAS) authenticates users to identify their relationship to the university.

Some Charles University information system applications may require you to register via CAS – i. e. when making reservations to the university recreation centres.

How to register to CAS?

Any holder of an Alumni Club Card can become a CAS user, anyone who has been assigned an eight-digit CU personal identification number, which is printed on the CU Alumni Club card under the photo. When you visit one of the card service centres or an authorised faculty office, a temporary password is generated as standard. The password is valid for five days, and you need to change it within that period. It is advisable for the purpose of safety to update your password annually. You will be informed about the date of expiry by e-mail in advance of the time.

How to get your signing-up data online?

Should you need the CU personal identification number to get quick access to some Charles University information system applications or any other assistance, please contact IAC Support Services. You will be asked to submit the same personal data you have provided already when signing up to the CU Alumni Club. Within 24 hours the new password will be sent to the e-mail address you specified in a query form .

Two cards in one – Faculty of Mathematics and Physics graduates only

Are you both a CU Alumni Club member as well as a CU Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Alumni with a 9-year or life-long membership? You may then have a CU Alumni Club Card with a valid Matfyz Alumni Club voucher. The card with the voucher will enable you to use the benefits of both clubs at the same time. If you are a member of only one of these clubs, you may sign up now and become a member of the other. See the links below:

Sign up to the CU Alumni Club

Sign up to the Matfyz Alumni

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