CU International Student Cards



Authorized holders:

International students who study at Charles University within the framework of exchanges, scholarships etc. and/or under international or EU programmes based on inter-governmental or university/faculty partnership agreements (“international student/s”).

Students matriculated at Charles University who are enrolled in an accredited CU degree programme taught in Czech or in a foreign language are issued with a CU Student Card.


Your CU International Student Card is valid throughout the length of your stay at Charles University; however, maximum validity is three years from the date of issue. The card will be issued after the CU faculty where you have enrolled has entered your data in the Student Information System and provided you with a voucher which you must submit at the card service centre. At the end of your stay the card must be returned to your CU faculty.


- CU International Student Card

- CU-ISIC International Student Card (only issued to Erasmus students)

Any international student can only be issued with one CU International Student Card.

The holders of CU International Student Cards receive vouchers confirming the validity of the card in the given academic year and the student's enrolment at a particular faculty. The vouchers are normally distributed free of charge by CU faculties. The voucher is valid from 1 July before the beginning of the academic year printed on it to 31 October following the end of that academic year. Without a valid voucher, the card cannot be used as proof of CU student status. Some CU faculties may require not only a valid CU card, but also a voucher confirming the student's enrolment at the given faculty to enable the student to access certain buildings and facilities or to use equipment, IT technology and services.


Free of charge - CU International Student Card

Free of charge - A voucher confirming the validity of the card in the given academic year and the international student's enrolment at a particular faculty

CZK 230 - CU-ISIC International Student Card (for Erasmus students)

If you are issued with a simple CU International Student Card and, being an Erasmus student, later ask for a replacement of this card with a CU-ISIC International Student Card, the replacement will cost the same as the issue of a duplicate card e.g. in case of loss.

Issued with:

Transparent card holder free of charge

Where to get your card (card service centres):

  • Prague, CU Information and Advisory Centre, Opletalova 38

  • Prague, CU Faculty of Law, nám. Curieových 7

  • Prague, CU Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ke Karlovu 3

  • Hradec Králové, Na Kotli Student Halls, Na Kotli 1147

  • Plzeň, Study Department, CU Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň, Husova 3

More information on Card service centres: office hours, location, contact.

Issue of a duplicate card:

CU Student Card – CZK 200

CU-ISIC Student Card – CZK 430

voucher – CZK 20

Transparent card holder – CZK 10

Card replacement is free of charge if necessitated by a change in personal data or malfunction due to technical failure for which the holder is not responsible.

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