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The ERASMUS+ exchange programme has been, for more than 25 years, generally considered by most esteemed European universities to be a cornerstone of internationalization effort and one of its most well-know, successful and widely utilized scheme for mobility of both students and staff members. Charles University (CU) is, of course, no exception.

Apart from sending and receiving countless students, CU is also invested in exchanging academic and non-academic staff members. This not only provides possibilities for academic and cultural enrichment and serves to strenghten interinistitutional partnerships, it is also a great opportunity to share knowledge and develop professional skills.

Eligible countries

CU can host teachers, administrative staff and other professionals applying from higher education institutions and or enteprises located in:

  • all EU member states

  • European Economic Area states - Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

  • Candidate states - Serbia, Turkey, North Macedonia

  • Partner countries: United Kingdom, Switzerland



Teachers, researchers and other academic staff can be invited to Charles University to give lectures, lead seminar groups, workshops, excursions, participate in final exam commitees etc.

If you are a teacher and would like to visit one of our faculties to do some or all of the above, please contact either the coordinator at the relevant faculty or the central Erasmus office coordinator with your offer and/or query.

Please note, that interinstitutional agreement is mandatory for this kind of activity, so check with either your or our ERASMUS+ programme coordinators, if there is one in place for your field of expertise.


Faculties and other university bodies, such as the Central Library, may organize themed staff weeks and workshops for both academic and non-academic colleagues from abroad. These usually consist of seminars, meetings, networking and complementary cultural programme.

Our organized events are published at the iMotion website at:


CU may also host an individual visits by academics and non-academic staff for so-called job shadowings, which comprise of learning good practice from a colleague at the same or similar position at CU sharing experience and networking.

How to apply

Whether you are an academic or a non-academic staff, the best first step is to contact the faculty and/or Erasmus Office staff mobility coordinator(s), who shall help you throughout the mobility and its administration.

When contacting us, please state the purpose of your intended stay. You may send your preliminary Mobility Agreement, using our form or equivalent, though we prefer to do this after the decision about acceptance is made.

Top tip: be as concise and specific as possible (e.g. whom would you like to meet, what topics to discuss, tell us if you have been already in contact with someone at CU). This greatly helps to assign your query to the correct department(s), assess the time slot and provide the most relevant programme for an optimal experience and mutual benefits.

Before mobility, a Mobility Agreement needs to be countersigned by your home institution and the representative(s) of the CU. The host department is also responsible for issuing the Confirmation of Staff Mobility at the end of the stay (please note that we are only able to confirm the actual dates of activities).


University coordinator


Markéta Beťková

Faculty coordinators


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