History Board

The History Board of the University is the Rector’s advisory body in issues connected to University traditions and the preservation of buildings.


prof. PhDr. Ing. Jan Royt, Ph.D.


prof. PhDr. Ivan Jakubec, CSc.

Institute of Economic and Social History at th Faculty of Arts at Charles University

PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarková

Director of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

doc. PhDr. Jiří Kotalík, CSc.

Department of Theory and Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Mgr. Karel Ksandr

Director General of National Technical Museum

PhDr. Lubomír Sršeň

Curator of the Department of Older Czech History at the National Museum

prof. PhDr. Petr Svobodný, Ph.D.

Director of Institute of the History of Charles University and Archive of Charles University

doc. ak. mal. Ivan Špirk

Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Education at Charles University

prof. PhDr. Vít Vlnas, Ph.D.

Head of Institute of Christian Art History at the Catholic Theological Faculty at Charles University, Department of History and History Didactics at the Faculty of Education at Charles University

prof. PhDr. Petr Wittlich, CSc.

Institute of Art History at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University


Bc. Věra Barnová

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