Research and Teaching Centre in Hradec Králové

A number of the University’s faculties suffer from a pressing lack of space and inadequate facilities. In response to this situation, a special session of the University’s management team was held in Nymburk in 2003. The conclusions of this session emphasized the need to study the feasibility of campuses (or minicampuses). It was agreed that any campus project would have to support both research and teaching activities extending beyond the boundaries of the University itself.

Based on the conclusions of the Nymburk meeting, a project was drawn up:

“Charles University Campus in Hradec Králové – Joint Project of the Charles University Faculty of Medicine and the Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové”.

The long-term objective of both the Faculty of Medicine (FM) and of the Faculty of Pharmacy (FP) has been to interconnect the workplaces of both faculties – i.e. their organizational structures and premises – at a single site, while also ensuring close links with the Faculty Hospital (FH) in Hradec Králové. The management teams of the two faculties decided to implement a phased relocation of their operations to a shared site, thus helping to strengthen the links between the faculties and other workplaces at the FH. The move represents a first step towards a campus which will be shared by two faculties each with a similar focus (combining teaching and research) and the Faculty Hospital.

The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové and the Faculty of Pharmacy are the only faculties in the Czech Republic that train doctors and pharmacists for careers in the military. Teaching of future military medical staff is provided in collaboration with the former Jan Evangelista Purkyně Army Medical Academy (currently the Faculty of Military Health Sciences at the University of Defence).

The urban development plan of the city of Hradec Králové envisages the relocation of the faculties’ departments to new sites, which will be concentrated at locations near the Faculty Hospital complex; these locations are currently zoned by the city for construction purposes.

The aim of the campus project is to construct premises to which all the theoretical institutes of the Faculty of Medicine and selected workplaces of the Faculty of Pharmacy can be relocated, as well as installing all necessary research and teaching facilities at the site. The project involves the construction of basic and applied research laboratories; the shared teaching and research facilities will include essential infrastructure for cooperation with businesses and R&D centres in the region. The new facilities will provide strong support for the development of undergraduate and doctoral degree programmes, offering a unique opportunity to integrate the teaching of medical and pharmaceutical subjects. Both faculties will be able to attract highly qualified specialists from all medical and pharmaceutical fields, as well as becoming more deeply involved in the European research area.

The improved teaching and research infrastructure at the new site will enable both faculties to increase their teaching capacity with an accent on the practical aspects of training – ultimately leading to improved employment prospects for graduates. Another key outcome will be the more effective coordination of a range of teaching and research activities across both faculties – including PhD studies in the fields of medical product testing, diagnostic methods, biotechnologies, medical and pharmaceutical technologies, and other related fields.

Detailed view of the ongoing development

According to current plans, the campus will consist of the following buildings and components:

  • a building for faculty management and property management (including conference rooms for committee meetings, Research Board meetings etc.);

  • an integrated teaching area (library, scientific information centre, IT department, lecture rooms, student computer centre, foyer, snack bar, possibly refectory);

  • premises for teaching pharmaceutical subjects (with a lecture room and several seminar rooms): departments of pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosia, social and clinical pharmacy;

  • premises for teaching medical subjects (with a lecture room and several seminar rooms): morphological institutes, practical medicine, social medicine;

  • premises for teaching propedeutic subjects and preparatory subjects common to both faculties (including the departments of physics, biochemistry, physiology, pathological physiology, pharmacology, and medical propedeutics);

  • a centre for research and PhD studies;

  • a centre for Bachelor studies;

  • a sports complex and sports pavilion (including a rehabilitation centre and gym);

  • an accommodation and catering pavilion (for approx. 1,000 visitors - 800 students, 200 for mobility);

  • a University club.

The estimated total cost of the project is CZK 2.4 bn.

The newly developed facilities will cover an area of 22,000 m2.

The construction of the first building of the planned campus was launched at a foundation-laying ceremony held on 23 October 2012. The building to be constructed during the first phase is scheduled to be ready for use by the beginning of the 2014/2015 academic year.

The estimated total cost of this phase is CZK 420 million.

The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which is providing 85 per cent of the total funding.

The aim of the project is to develop the Research and Teaching Centre of the Charles University Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy (including modern equipment, teaching areas and administrative and technical facilities) as a top-class teaching provider and a research centre contributing to the long-term development of a broad range of theoretical and pre-clinical medical and pharmaceutical fields (including a doctoral studies centre) and with close links to the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové and the Faculty of Military Health Sciences at the University of Defence.

The key roles of the University’s Teaching and Research Centre in Hradec Králové will be:

  • to improve conditions for studying and working at both faculties,

  • to support the development of research,

  • to support inter-disciplinary activities (teaching programmes, research programmes),

  • to support the development of PhD and Master’s degree programmes,

  • to facilitate an increase in the number of international students and to support student exchange programmes,

  • to support international study stays,

  • to create facilities for lifelong learning.

Detailed view of the site location in the cadastral map

Project details

The focus of the project is the construction of one building designed to accommodate the teaching and research activities of four institutes and departments of Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové; the project is targeted at the institutes and departments which are most seriously affected by the current unsustainable situation. The teaching facilities in the new building will be used by all students from both faculties (currently 3,663 students in total). The Faculty of Medicine will use the premises for its Institute of Medical Biology and Genetics; the Faculty of Pharmacy will use the building for its Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy and its Department of Biological and Medical Sciences.

This move will result in a significant increase in the total usable area of both faculties by 6,832 m2, providing an average usable area of 15 m2 per student (which is the recommended area for both faculties); the currently available area per student is just 5.09 m2 at the Faculty of Medicine and 9.12 m2 at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

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