General Plan for Facility Development

As a modern, cutting-edge institution, Charles University is able to respond flexibly to the rapidly changing demands of society and the pressing need to compete in an increasingly globalized marketplace. This constant evolution is reflected in the University’s ever-changing range of innovative study options, its strong emphasis on research and development, and its increasing focus on bridging the gaps between disciplines. These key strategic goals are set out in Charles University’s Long-term Plan. Another key policy document, addressing the priorities identified in the Long-term Plan, is the General Plan for Facility Development, which lays out key strategic objectives related to the University’s material and technological infrastructure.

The General Plan for Facility Development presents an outline of the University’s holdings of buildings, land and other facilities, including their location within the Czech Republic (and more detailed maps showing locations within Prague, Plzeň and Hradec Králové), their structure, age and utilization.

The General Plan presents information on major investments both completed and planned, including the major new projects at Albertov, Plzeň and Hradec Králové. For historical reasons, the various parts of Charles University are scattered over many different locations – not only in Prague, but also in other cities. In view of this situation, the University plans to focus in future on the development of “minicampuses”. The main objectives of building minicampuses are to concentrate related activities at a single site, to provide state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and research, and to harness the synergic potential offered by the close collaboration of experts and students from different fields. The University’s development goals are guided by the need to optimize the use of its extensive real estate portfolio. The concluding part of the General Plan outlines the University’s priorities in this area up to 2020, taking into account current zoning regulations. The General Plan is an important supporting document for the University’s ongoing future investment plans.

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