Discounts and benefits

Charles University strives to constantly improve the standard of care for its employee, and one of the most important activities in this area is the development of employee benefits. The objective is not only to expand the offer of university-wide benefits provided by the faculties or other units, but also to improve cooperation with external organizations.

The section Discounts and Benefits is divided into 6 subsections according to categories, where you can find a comprehensive summary of benefits that CU employees and members of the CU Alumni Club can take advantage of inside the university or with external suppliers. The list is updated on a regular basis.

Should you have any questions, uncertainties, comments, or recommendations relating to a certain area, please contact .

New! Have a look at the new list of discount codes/vouchers. When displaying the page, use your log-on information for CAS – CU Central Authentication Services.

List of discount codes/vouchers

Conditions for obtaining codes/vouchers: valid employee ID or Alumni Club member ID and a valid password for CAS.


CU libraries and access to their information resources

CU accommodation services

  • Accommodation of CU employees in CU dormitories at student prices.The standard prices for accommodation in Charles University dormitories are provided here.

  • Accommodation of CU graduates for a period of two years after successfully completing their studies is possible with a 40% discount. The basic prices of guest accommodation are available here.

University shop

10% discount in the university shop CU Point with souvenirs and promotional merchandise.

  • The shop address is Celetná 14, Prague 1.

  • Discounts apply to CU employees, CU Alumni Club members, and CU students with a valid ID.

  • You can find the selection of merchandise at the following address:

Café u Rotlevů

Café u Rotlevů offers a 10% discount on all café items.

  • The address of the café is Kamzíkova 4, Prague 1

  • The discount applies to CU employees, CU Alumni Club members, and CU students with a valid ID.

  • More information and the café’s menu are available at the following address:

Karolinum bookshop

When making purchases at the Karolinum shop, you receive a 15% discount on titles published by the Karolinum Press and a 10% discount on all other merchandise. In addition, CU employees and students may use the e-books of the Karolinum Press FREE OF CHARGE.

  • The address of the bookshop is Celetná 18, Prague 1.

  • Discounts apply to CU employees, CU Alumni Club members, and CU students with a valid ISIC card.

  • You can find the complete selection of merchandise of the Karolinum bookshop at the following address:

  • All information about the Karolinum Press and its selection of publications are available at

Access to the e-book database

Chlupáčovo Museum of Earth History

Entrance to the Chlupáčovo Museum of Earth History is free of charge for CU employees and CU Alumni Club members.

  • The museum is open to the public every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Click here for more information.

CU Sports Centre

The CU Sports Centre in Hostivař offers discounted entry fees and rentals for CU employees, CU students, and CU Alumni Club members.

  • The following services are available at the centre: An athletic track, a soccer and softball field, tennis and volleyball counts, inflatable halls (multipurpose and tennis), a swimming pool, an aerobics room, table tennis, a sauna, and a gym.

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