Charles University is the owner of a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) licence for MATLAB, Simulink, and supplementary products. Employees, researchers, and students may use these products for instruction, research, and studies. The licence allows users to install an unlimited quantity of the products on university computers or on private computers.

About MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB is an engineering tool and interactive environment for scientific and technical calculations, data analysis, visualization, and development of algorithms used by millions of engineers and scientists around the world. MATLAB provides solutions in areas such as applied mathematics, machine learning, signal processing and communication, image processing and computer vision, financial analysis and modelling, control system design, robotics, and many others.

Simulink is a MATLAB superstructure for simulating and modelling dynamic systems. It provides users with the possibility to quickly and easily create models for dynamic systems in the form of block schemata.

The open architecture of MATLAB and Simulink has led to the creation of function and block libraries, referred to as application libraries, which expand the use of programs in the relevant scientific and technical fields. Another group is a set of tools called Polyspace, designed for the detection of run-time errors, verification of correct code, and certification.

Products available for the university

With the MATLAB TAH licence, you also get access to the following services:

• MATLAB Online

• MATLAB Drive

• MATLAB Mobile

• Supplementary courses for MATLAB at the MATLAB Academy (after logging in to your MathWorks account)

• IoT platform integrated with MATLAB

Instructions for obtaining the licence and installation

The following installation instructions are valid for individual employee and student licences. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with a network floating licence. For more details, contact the administrator of your faculty. MATLAB Online is available to all users who create a MathWorks account using the link below. If you are only interested in MATLAB Online, Step 1 – Creating an Account is sufficient. (node: attachment: MATLAB: Automatic installation and activation of Campus-Wide licence) Illustrated instructions.


1. If you do not have an e-mail address ending in, go to and create the address

2. Create an account at MathWorks using the e-mail address from the sub-domain

3. Open the License Center

4. Click on Add License in the upper right-hand corner.

5. Select Associate by Activation Key and click on Continue.

6. For the Activation Key, enter the following:

o 10815-55529-20846-75278-88613

7. Go to the Download Center

8. To acquire the current version, click on the download button.

9. To download the installer, click on the installer button.

Installation and activation

1. The installer you downloaded is located in the default download folder for downloaded files, provided you have not specified otherwise. The name of the installer is (where XXXXXX is the name of the version):

  • Windows: matlab_XXXXXX_win64.exe

  • Mac OS X:

2. Launch the installer

  • Windows: Double-click to launch the installer downloaded in the previous step. This starts up the self-extracting archive and then installation.

  • Mac OS X: Double-click on the file downloaded in the previous step to extract the archive to the directory with the name matlab_XXXXXX_maci64, where XXXXXX is the name of the version. Inside the directory, launch the installation by double-clicking on the file InstallForMacOSX

3. In the installer, select Log in with a MathWorks Account and continue according to displayed instructions.

4. When prompted, select the licence you want to use.

5. Select the products you want to download and install.

6. After downloading and installing the products, check Activate MATLAB and click on Next.

7. STUDENTS: When requested for a username, ensure that the displayed name is correct. Then proceed with activation.

How to begin: find out the options for the software and its use

• TAH resource kit – information for TAH licence users (for students, employees, and administrators)

• MATLAB Academy – OnRamp courses – learn how to use MATLAB in only two hours

• MATLAB online – immediate access to MATLAB from the web browser

• Videos and Webinars – searching for videos by application or product allows you to learn about the extensive capabilities and applications of the program MATLAB & Simulink

• MATLAB Examples – collection of codes for free use and examples of how to use them for MATLAB & Simulink


Contact Technical Support in the following order:

• Humusoft technical support

• The IT administrator of your faculty.

• The TAH licence administrator:

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