Submission of complaints

A complaint may be submitted by:

  • the person whom the issue directly concerns,

  • a representative of the person whom the issue concerns or

  • a witness to a situation that could become the subject of a complaint or suggestion to the ombudsman.

Complaints or suggestions can be anonymized. However, you must ensure that it is possible to contact you. We therefore recommend giving an e-mail address, telephone number or other contact data.

Recommended contents of the complaint or suggestion:

  • identification of the complainant – either specific (e.g. Jana Nováková) or general (e.g. student of faculty XY)

  • contact data for the complainant

  • subject of the complaint or suggestion

    • description of the situation that you are consulting the ombudsman about

    • development of the situation

    • persons (general) and organizational units involved

    • steps taken so far and their effect

  • what you consider to be the best solution to the situation – expectations and interests

You can submit your complaint or suggestion through the following channels:

  • By e-mail to the following address:

  • Through the online form

  • In person through the arranging of a consultation with the ombudsman

  • In person at the mail office of the Rectorate of Charles University – further information here

  • By mail to the address given here