Cooperatio is a primary, non-competitive tool for the institutional support of research and creative activities at Charles University (since 1. 1. 2022). The program is governed by the Rector´s Directive No. 22/2023 – The principles of the Cooperatio  Program.

The program is based on support of research areas composed of research fields. The internal research structure is composed of 43 research areas, each research area is composed of several research fields that are systematically developed. This internal classification is valid throughout the 5-year program cycle (2023-2026).

The main goal of the program is to ensure conditions for the development and high quality of research areas and reduction of the fragmentation of research fields within the University. Cooperation Program is a tool to support communication, coordination and cooperation of all University faculties and units where the particular research field is being developed. Important is that the research areas structure is compatible with the internal research evaluation at the University. In a long-term view the intention is also to better link the research areas with the study programmes. Essential aspect of the program is its non-competitive character and inclusive principle (meaning that all academics, researchers and PhD students are automatically included in the program).

The Program is implemented in 5-year cycles, the first cycle being realized in 2022-2026.


List of research areas

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