Staff Mobility & Staff Training Week

Staff Mobility; Staff Training Week

Please bear in mind that Charles University can only host you for the Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility programme or the Erasmus+ staff training scheme if your home institution has a valid inter-institutional agreement with our university. If your home institution does not have one, we cannot host you, we are sorry. If, on the other hand, your home institution only has a student exchange programme in place with us, please, contact us at erasmus(at) We can surely enlarge the cooperation for a teaching staff exchange and, depending on your work field, also staff training scheme.

We can host:

- employees of Erasmus and International Offices

- employees of student advisory services

- librarians and archivists.

If you work in any other university department, we will need to consider your request individually. You can approach us at erasmus(at)

Please, note that we will not be able to host you if your proposed work programme does not include programme for at least 2 work days that are following each other. The programme must be prepared in collaboration with Charles University employees; you cannot set it up freely.

Staff Training Week

Charles University organised its first International Staff Training Week in March 2016. We are planning to repeat the programme each 1-2 years, depending on our time capacities for each particular year. Should you be interested in participating in our International Staff Training Programme and should you like to voice your interest in advance, you can contact us at erasmus(at)

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