Prolongation of your study stay

Prolongation of your study stay

Step 1

If you are interested in prolonging your study stay at Charles University, please bear in mind that first you must be 100% sure that our institution is able and willing to have you here for another semester. There may be a problem especially limited capacity of courses etc.

So please ask your host faculty or department coordinator first if they agree with the prolongation of your study stay and can assist you.

You are strongly recommended to state the courses or lectures you would like to attend during the second semester.

Step 2

As soon as you get a positive response please download and fill in your new Learning Agreement – again, discuss it with your host faculty or department coordinator!

Step 3

Send the document to your home faculty coordinator (contact person) with a request for Erasmus+ studies prolongation.

Step 4

As soon as your home university approves your new learning agreement, it must be delivered to Charles University and confirmed at a faculty level.

The form must be sent by post or email (as scan) either to the relevant faculty coordinator or to the European Office:

European Office

Charles University

Ovocny trh 3

116 36 Praha 1

Czech Republic

Step 5

Finally, the European Office is responsible for completing the whole administrative process and drawing up a new Letter of Admission, or a confirmation that your study stay at Charles University in the programme Erasmus+ has been extended.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that accommodation in Charles University residence halls will be still available for you, since reservations will have been made for new incoming students.

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