Prolongation of your study stay

Prolongation of your study stay

Step 1

If you are interested in extending your study stay at Charles University, please bear in mind that you should discuss your intention with the faculty coordinator in advance and make sure the faculty is willing to accept you for another semester.

It is usually possible to extend the stay from winter semester for a full academic year. Extension for a shorter period than a semester or extension after the end of summer semester is possible only in special cases, such as an extra bloc course, extra exam period or traineeship.

The faculty usually sets up a deadline until when you can inform the coordinator about your interest in extending your stay. For more information, please contact your faculty coordinator.

Step 2

As soon as you get a positive response, please download and fill out your new Learning Agreement that should also be discussed with your host faculty or department coordinator.

Step 3

Please send the LA to your home faculty coordinator (contact person) with a request for Erasmus+ study stay extension.

Step 4

As soon as your home university approves your new learning agreement, it has to be delivered to the Charles University and confirmed at the faculty level.

The form has to be sent either by post or email (as a scan) either to the relevant faculty coordinator.

If you wish to stay at the university dormitory during your extended stay, you have to apply for the extention of your accommondation as well and discuss the availability of dormitory places in advance.

Step 5

Finally, the European Office is responsible for completing the whole administrative process and drawing up a new Letter of Admission, or a confirmation of the extention.

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