Students with Special Needs

Psychological Counselling Centre for International Students

The Psychological Counselling Centre offers high quality services for international students to help them get through the challenges that may occur during a stay in a foreign enviroment.

The all necessary information is available here.

Students with Special Needs

Charles University provides essential support for Erasmus students with special needs. This concerns people with the following conditions:

  • Visual impairments,

  • Hearing impairments,

  • Physical impairments,

  • Specific learning disorders,

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Other difficulties (e.g. psychological disorders, impaired communication, or chronic somatic disease)

However, please note that due to capacity reasons, full-time assistents cannot be provided. Therefore, if it is relevant for you, feel free to bring your own assistent from your home country.

The main office responsible for the support of persons with special needs at Charles University is the Carolina Centre.

If you fit into any of the above-mentioned categories, as a first step, please contact the coordinator responsoble for students with special needs at your host faculty. The list of coordinators is available here. The coordinator will tell you all the possibilities you can use in your particular case to make the study stay as smooth and fruitful as possible.

Morover, as a student with special needs, you can also consider a modification of your study process (such as special conditions for accessing study materials, taking exams etc.). The modification has to be approved during functional diagnostics interview with one of the CU specialists. You can ask the coordinator to make an appointment for you or contact one of the specialists directly. The interview is conducted in English language. A sign language interview can be also organized after informing the coordinator/specialist in advance.

For adjusting the accomodation, please contact us at as soon as possible so we can discuss your requirements with the dorms in advance.

Studying Abroad with Children

If you decide to come for an Erasmus+ study stay or traineeship at Charles University with your child/children, you are welcome to do so. Our university tries to meet the needs of students who are parents with young children and create conditions that enable them to keep their study and parent duties in line.

The full list of nursery schools and playrooms is available here

However, please keep in mind that each faculty has slightly different facilities.

We highly recommend contacting the nursery schools in advance to ask about the availability and conditions.

In case you plan to arrive for Erasmus with your family and wish to stay in the CU halls of residence, please contact us at as soon as possible so we can discuss your requirements with the dormitories in advance.

A good summary about everything said in this article and a bit more can be found in this video

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