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POINT: Support for the Internationalisation of Charles University

Financial support for short-term students' mobility

POINT program (Support for Internationalization of Charles University) is one of the supporting tools of financing activities aimed to increase the level of internationalisation Charles University (CU).

Rector´s Directive No. 10/2020

Rector´s Directive No. 15/2023

What it’s all about?

Financial support for:

Student mobility activities

  • Support for participation in or stays of Charles University students at summer schools (with the exception of language courses);

  • Short-term unpaid student internships up to a maximum of 3 weeks,

  • Participation in International competitions and championships,

  • Participation in Student conferences or

  • Attending meetings related to the internationalisation of Charles University activities.

The maximum support: 50 000 CZK, extra: 100 000 CZK.

Faculty activities

  • Academic mobility

    Stays of academic staff and student representatives of a faculty at meetings within the framework of international university networks (such as Coimbra Group, LERU, UNICA, Europaeum, etc.); or

    Short-term stays of academic staff for the purpose of preparing international projects

  • Summer schools

  • Support for the organisation of international summer schools of a non-economic nature organised by CU faculties or other units; In accordance with the Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (2014/C 198/01).

Limitations and important info for student activities

  • The support is provided purposefully, i.e. it is linked to the specific applicant, activity and dates of implementation

  • Support does not apply to summer language schools

  • Refund – not possible, you can apply for activities that will be held in future

  • CEEPUS – Indicator D

  • Mobility Fund - it is not possible to apply for financial support from POINT and Mobility Fund to the same activity

  • Active participation / passive participation - active participation - participation with a contribution

How to apply?

The procedure is quite simple:

  1. Fill in an application via (login = your student number, password: same as in other UNI systems) – Select POINT (Ai Activities)

  2. To submit an application upload to the system necessary attachments: motivation letter and program of the event (as well as recommendation from the guarantor from your department or faculty)

  3. Submit the application (including attachments) within the deadline (spring round: 1. 4. - 30. 4. or autumn round: 1. 11. - 31. 11.)

  4. Subsequently, the application (duly and timely submitted) is included to the competition and submitted for evaluation by the Expert Panel (EP) and after to the Rector

  5. Results:

    (+) the application received full support (how much you requested, so much you received);

    (+/-) the application has received partial support (you have received reduced support);

    (-) the application was not supported.

    The results are sent by e-mail (which you provide in the application) and are also updated in IS

  6. If you were included to into (+) and (+/-) groups, your faculty will recieve the amount of support you were granted. The faculty will pay you this amount in the form of a scholarship.

    The supported activities must be concluded with an evaluation report and a confirmation of a stay. These documents should be delivered within two months of the termination of the project or return from the study stay (all via online system)

! If the applicant breaches his/her obligations to submit the final documents, he/she will be obliged to return the amount provided, or a part thereof.

If you fall into a (-) group (so your application was not supported) - nothing happens, you can apply again in another call of the program or from another fund. 

What is watch out for

or why the application might not receive (required) support?


  • The application did not meet the basic criteria (timely submission, proper filling of the fields, delivery of attachments)

  • It is not possible to support the activity according to the rules (summer language school, the activity has already taken place, the activity was supported by Mobility Fund /another university source)


  • Quality of submitted application

  • Representation of applications from different faculties

  • Exploitation of allocated resources

  • Justification of the contribution of the activity to support the internationalisation of activities of the CU academic community

  • The possibility of support from other university sources (for example, other sources for foreign students mobility)

  • Efficiency and rationale for the use of assigned funds

It's a competition, so you have to be prepared to get “no”, even if your application meets all basic criteria for support.


International Relations Office


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