A new web interface for outgoing students going on Erasmus+ mobility outside the Czech Republic, which contains the most common questions and answers related to the whole administrative process.

ViaErasmus! is available in both Czech and English, and switches to the English version on the homepage in the top right corner.

Link: ViaErasmus!

All students can access the web interface by clicking the link above and logging in using UKČ (each student's personal number).

ViaErasmus! is launched on 19.9.2023 and is divided into the following categories and other subcategories, followed by specific questions and answers:

Before the mobility:

- Before the selection procedure - Basic Conditions of Erasmus, Choose your destination, General Conditions for Scholarships, Amount of Scholarship, Create your online application, Selection Procedure

- After the selection procedure - Nomination, Learning agreement and study plan, Language test, the Euro account, Insurance, Green Erasmus, Dean's decision on scholarship award, Financial agreement

During departure - Changes to the learning agreement, Extension of stay, Early return

After the mobility:

- General summary of documents after return

- Study stays - Early return, Confirmation of Erasmus period, Transcript of records, Green Erasmus, Final reports

- Traineeships - Early return, Confirmation of Erasmus period, Traineeship certificate, Green Erasmus, Final reports

- Short-term PhD mobility + BIP - Early return, Confirmation of Erasmus period, Evaluation report, Traineeship certificate, Green Erasmus, Final reports

If the student does not find the corresponding question and answer, he/she sends a query through the web interface, which will be delivered to this email to the European Office at the Rector's Office:

The web interface is developed in collaboration with the ÚVT (= IT Department of Charles University).

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