Conference Programme

One-day conference: Information Technology and its Application in the Educational Process


  • October 5, 2022, from 9 am to 6.15 pm


  • Charles University, Vlastenecký sál (Patriots Hall), Karolinum, Ovocný trh 3, Praha 1


  • Josef, Marie, and Zdeňka Hlávka Foundation

  • Charles University (CU)

  • Student Chamber of the Council of Higher Education Institutions (SK RVŠ)

  • Centre for Higher Education Studies (CSVŠ)

8.30 am–9 am


9 am–12.30 pm

Morning sessions (10.45–11.05 coffee break)

12.30 pm–1.30 pm


1.30 pm–5.25 pm

Afternoon sessions (2.55–3.15 coffee break)

5.25 pm–6.15 pm

Conclusions and discussion

6.15 pm–7.15 pm

Social gathering


Opening of the conference and introduction of the morning sessions

  • Opening address by the Chair of the Foundation Václav. Pavlíček

  • Speech by the Rector of Charles University Milena Králíčková

    Experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic and the development of virtual and hybrid mobility at Charles University (CU)


Experience with on-line teaching during the pandemic

Opinions and assessment of teachers and academic staff structured according to the different school education levels (10 minutes for each presentation)

  • Michal Buriánek (Association of Primary School Principals)

    Experience of primary and nursery schools with on-line teaching during the pandemic

  • Jaroslav Mašek (Secondary School of Information Technology and Postal and Financial Services in Brno)

    What Covid-19 has revealed to us about technology in school

  • Jaroslav Pekara (Medical College in Prague)

    Experience with instruction during the Covid pandemic at the Medical College

Opinions and assessment of pupils and students structured according to the different school education levels (10 minutes for each presentation)

  • Matěj Krček, student (Brno Grammar School)

    Distance learning from the perspective of a grammar school student

  • Eliška Voříšková, Ph.D. student (Faculty of Pharmacy, CU)

    The impact of online education on the teaching of healthcare professions

  • Kateřina Grygarová, Ph.D. student (3rd Faculty of Medicine, CU)

    Study of healthcare professions – distance and hybrid learning

  • Michal Severa, Ph.D. student (Faculty of Arts, CU)

    Ph.D. seminars at the Institute of Czech History during the pandemic

10.45–11.05 COFFEE BREAK


Information technology and systems geared to education

Presentations focusing on information systems in education, the technology of these systems from basic systems up to interactive and AI systems and possibilities for application at the different school education levels (20 minutes for each presentation)

  • Martin Popel (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, CU)

    Translator from English and Ukrainian and other AI applications

  • Martin Kotek (Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics – CIIRC, CTU)

    Virtual reality, photogrammetry, and metaverse: create your own virtual world

  • Michael Šebek (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU)

    Goals and methods of education for the 21st century

  • Martin Hlinovský (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU)

    Use of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit not only in teaching technical subjects

12.30–13.30 LUNCH


Experience abroad and the assessment of IT and its application during the pandemic

Session held in English (20 minutes for each presentation)

  • José Aznarte (National Distance Education University – UNED Spain)

    Virtual Examination Hall: Ensuring Trust without Automatic Facial Recognition

  • Stefania Bocconi (ITD, Italy)

    Fostering the digital capacity of schools: the SELFIE self-reflection tool and its support during the pandemic

  • Klára Jelínková (Harvard University, USA)

    Learning from the Pandemic

  • Sabine Bottin-Rousseau (Sorbonne University, France)

    Distance teaching and online proctoring at the faculty of Science in Sorbonne University

14.55–15.15 COFFEE BREAK


Objectives and measures relating to IT application

Anticipated application of information technologies in the education of pupils and students of Czech schools from the standpoint of long-term objectives (20 minutes for each presentation).

  • Ondřej Neumajer (National Heritage Institute, Czech Republic)

    Curriculum uncertainty

  • Lucie Rohlíková (Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia Plzeň)

    Flexible forms of education: experiences and trends

  • Tomáš Foltýnek (Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University Brno)

    Plagiarism detection – current challenges


IT assessment from a social and societal point of view

The impact of information systems and technology in the education process and on the education of younger generations (20 minutes for each presentation)

  • Petr Soukup (Faculty of Social Sciences, CU)

    The impact of the Covid epidemic on the psychological state of students

  • Zdeněk Zdráhal, Michal Huptych (Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics – CIIRC, CTU)

    Identification of students at risk of academic failure using data analysis

  • David Souček (Kalibro Projekt research institute)

    The impact of distance learning during the Covid pandemic on pupils and teachers of primary schools in the Czech Republic


Conclusions and panel discussion

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