Research Ethics Commission

The Research Ethics Commission was established with the aim of outlining the policy and goals of Charles University in research ethics, issuing unifying recommendations for and positions on the ethical aspects of research for the faculties’ commissions, or issuing positions on and recommendations for proposals for research projects or research projects already acquired.

The Charles University Research Ethics Commission has five members. Members are appointed by the Rector; three members are appointed upon nomination of the Vice-Rector in charge of Science Activities, one member upon nomination of the Research Council of CU, and one upon nomination of the Academic Senate of CU.


  • doc. PhDr. Mireia Ryšková, Th.D. - chairperson

  • prof. MUDr. Pavel Martásek, DrSc.

  • prof. JUDr. Jiří Jelínek, CSc.

  • Mgr. Jakub Marek, Ph.D.

  • prof. RNDr. Jan Tachezy, Ph.D.


  • Anna Konrádová -

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