Selected ISIC discounts

Selected ISIC discounts

The ISIC card is the only globally recognized document proving student status at secondary and tertiary level (also applies to selected one-year post-secondary courses). The card is issued by the ISIC Association, a global organization under the auspices of UNESCO. There is no upper or lower age limit for obtaining an ISIC card. Therefore, an ISIC card can be issued to students over the age of 26 if they are enrolled in full-time studies.

There are thousands of reasons to have an ISIC card!

In addition to the international recognition of student status, the card offers many other benefits around the world:

• Valid in 130 countries worldwide

• More than 130,000 discounts worldwide

• UNIQA annual travel insurance starting at 200 CZK

• Discounts at more than 2,000 locations in the Czech Republic

• Shopping, dining, and education benefits

• Discounts on admission to festivals, events, clubs

• Discounted season tickets at ski resorts

• Public transport discounts - bus and train tickets

• Prague Public Transit discounts

• Discounts at the Municipal Library of Prague and world-famous cultural and historical monuments

• Discounts on hotel, campsite, and hostel accommodation

You must have a current revalidation sticker on your card to take advantage of the discounts (does not apply to newly issued cards for the duration of the year of issue). The sticker, called a revalidation sticker, extends the validity of the card for use outside of CU. The sticker is valid for 16 months, from 1 September to 31 December of the following year. Stickers can be purchased at CU card service centers.

Selected discounts:


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