Costs of Living

Real-life average costs typically fluctuate from 550 EUR per month for a modest lifestyle in a dormitory to 1000 EUR per month for an active and culturally engaged lifestyle in private accommodation.

Below is a table with approximate prices. Housing prices vary depending on the distance from the city center, the size and shape of the apartment, etc. Your food expenses will also depend on your choices, a lunch at a restaurant costs about 8 EUR, but if you cook it yourself, it can be as little as 2 – 4 EUR. Don’t forget about other expenses: toiletries, medicines, books, and clothing. If you want to get an idea of the prices of individual products, check out the Czech online shops or Numbeo. Here are links focused on cost of living in Prague, Hradec Králové or Plzeň.

Monthly Expenses



Plzeň, Hradec Králové

Dormitory accommodation, shared room

180 EUR

155 EUR

Dormitory accommodation, private room

260 EUR

190 EUR

Room in a shared apartment

400 – 520 EUR

280 EUR

Private apartment

720 – 1000 EUR

600 – 800 EUR


140 – 250 EUR

140 – 250 EUR

Public transportation

5.20 EUR

10 – 11 EUR

Rounded sum of estimated real-life costs per students living in dormitories

400 – 600 EUR

300 – 500 EUR

Rounded sum of estimated real-life costs per students living in private accommodation

600 – 1000 EUR

500 – 900 EUR

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