Structure of University Studies

  • Bachelor’s degree (typically 3 years)

  • Follow-up Master’s degree (typically 2 years)

  • Ph.D. (3 - 4 years)

  • Long-cycle Master’s degree (5 - 6 years) – concerning General Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy (in both Czech and English language), Master´s in Law, Teacher Training for Primary Schools or Catholic Theology (in Czech language only). To start the Long-cycle Master´s degree no Bachelor´s degree is needed.

Study in English (German, French or Russian)

Medicine in English

Study in Czech

Bachelor’s programmes

Bachelor’s degree programmes at Charles University are designed to provide students with a broad knowledge base which can be further developed by studying in follow-on Master’s programmes; or students may acquire core knowledge and skills requisite for employment immediately after graduation.

More than 50 Bachelor’s degree programmes, covering over 140 fields of study, open for applicants on a regular basis. At this moment Charles University offers 10 Bachelor´s degree programmes in foreign languages.

Bachelor’s programmes are completed with the final State Examination including the defence of a Bachelor’s thesis. Graduates are awarded the academic title of “Bachelor” (abbreviated to Bc. and written in front of the holder’s name).

Master’s programmes

Charles University Master’s degree programmes are designed to follow on from Bachelor’s programmes. The standard length of a follow-on Master’s degree programme is two years. There are some Master’s programmes which are self-contained and do not follow on from a Bachelor’s programme; these last five to six years, and are known as Long-cycle Master’s programmes.

More than 40 follow-un Master’s degree programmes, encompassing over 120 fields of study open on a regular basis.

Master’s degree programmes are completed with the final State Examination including the defence of a diploma thesis. Graduates are awarded the academic title of “Master” (abbreviated to Mgr. and written in front of the holder’s name).

Ph.D. programmes

Doctoral programmes represent the highest level of formal education, distinguished from Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes by their individual focus and emphasis on independent research in a specific field in collaboration with an experienced supervisor and under the guidance of the subject-area board which is responsible for running the Ph.D. programme. Ph.D. studies prepare students for a career in research and/or for highly qualified work in a number of professions. Ph.D. programmes are integrated with high-quality research activities. Charles University is one of the most important providers of doctoral studies in the Czech Republic – one in three doctoral students in the Czech Republic study here. Therefore, the University considers doctoral studies as one of its key long-term strategic priorities, and it has been strengthening this profile in doctoral studies by developing partnerships with other research institutions (particularly the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

To be admitted to a Ph.D. programme, the applicant must submit evidence of a completed Master’s degree in the related field of study. Charles University welcomes applicants with Master’s degrees from any university home and abroad.

Ph.D. studies can be pursued as as either full-time study or part-time study (also known as “combined” study as it offers a combination of face-to-face interaction and distance learning). The studies usually take from three to four years. Full-time doctoral students receive a scholarship, which is usually supplemented by other sources of income, e.g. by awards for participation in grant projects or remuneration for teaching undergraduates.

Doctoral studies are completed with a final State Examination and a dissertation defence. Graduates are awarded the academic title of “Doctor” (abbreviated to Ph.D. and written after the holder’s name). In theology, the academic title is “Doctor of Theology” (abbreviated to Th.D. and written after the name).

For more information visit the website of doctoral studies.

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