Student Associations

Charles University staff and students have always been known for taking an active, creative approach to their leisure time, running a wide variety of societies, academic clubs and other associations. Some of these societies operate at the University level (and are open to all members of the academic community), while others are organized at a faculty level (though they are also open to members of other faculties). The societies are not exclusively for students; many of the University’s staff are keen participants too.

Student Union

The Charles University Student Union (SU UK) was established in 2008 as the result of an initiative by six Charles University societies. Its main objective is to act as a guide for university student organizations, facilitating communication and cooperation among them, developing a creative platform for active students, supporting the implementation of their ideas, and acting as a mediator providing information to all students about what is currently happening in the academic community. The CU Student Union has a current membership of around thirty societies from almost all faculties, and the number is growing. Being a student is about much more than just studying, so do not hesitate to join!

Association of Alumni and Friends of Charles University

The ‘Carolinum’ Association of Alumni and Friends of Charles University in Prague is an independent, non-political organization which works closely alongside the University. Membership in the Carolinum Association is open to all individuals and legal entities, especially Charles University alumni who wish to support the work of the Association and the University as a whole.

Many of the events organized by the Association have grown to become a tradition during the ten years of its existence, and they now play a pivotal role among the Association’s activities. The most important event is the General Assembly of Members, which takes place on the historical premises of Charles University. These assemblies are accompanied by a lecture and an evening social programme. To mark the end of the academic year, the Association gives a Garden Party in Prague’s Wallenstein Gardens. In December, members meet at a concert held in the Carolinum building, and on St Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day) they enjoy a traditional get-together. The Association also organizes specialist lectures, debates and a range of cultural events, especially concerts. Its social, professional and cultural activities are open not only to members of the Carolinum Association, but to all Charles University teaching staff, students and employees.

Faculty societies

Charles University students are active in many fields and have founded a variety of societies and civic associations. Various kinds of societies also exist within the respective faculties. Some hold lectures, conferences or specialist seminars, others organize cultural events, and others provide free legal advice to members of the general public or organize charity campaigns. Charles University welcomes all activities of this kind, because they help broaden students’ horizons and act as a valuable preparation for their future professional lives.

Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Society

The Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Society is a not-for-profit organization bringing together graduates of Oxford and Cambridge universities residing or living permanently in the Czech Republic. The aim of the Society is to act as an association of former and current students of these two British universities, promote and monitor the interests of its members, assist candidates from the Czech Republic who would like to study at the two universities, support the universities and their research, contribute to the further advancement of the universities, and promote contacts within the Czech academic sphere and among academics from these universities.

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