Sport is an inseparable part of university life. At Charles University, it has enjoyed a long tradition and our graduates and students have scored many sporting victories. Success, however, is not the only objective of sport. The oft-quoted saying mens sana in corpore sano says it all. It is only fitting that Charles University students and staff should benefit from a wide range of sporting opportunities.

Sports Events at Charles University

Rector’s Sports Day

The traditional Rector’s Sports Day is an opportunity for students and teaching staff of the University’s Prague faculties to meet members of the public – both on and off the sports field. The Sports Day showcases a wide range of sporting disciplines. It is not just about winning victory in individual and team sports; it is also an opportunity to get some exercise or to take part in a sport simply for enjoyment.

Running with Those That Can’t

The charity Running with Those That Can’t (RWTTC) was founded by students of Charles University’s Third Faculty of Medicine. The founders believe that philanthropy and willingness to help others is the starting point for becoming better students, better people and better doctors. Their intention was to bring down the social taboos which surround people with disabilities in the Czech Republic and help them live a longer, happier and more satisfying life.

The Rector’s Cup

For a truly unique experience, why not join the starting lineup of the Prague International Marathon and test your endurance against top marathon runners from all over the world. Put together a team of four people and run that legendary distance of 42 kilometres as a relay race. Apply team strategies and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of elation and fulfilment.

Battle on Ice

The Battle on Ice is a unique ice hockey event coordinated by the student organizations of Prague’s four major universities. The first year’s tournament was won by the Charles University team, defeating teams from the Czech Technical University, the University of Economics and the University of Life Sciences. The Battle on Ice has an autumn semi-final and the final stage takes place in the spring. All participating teams are composed exclusively of students from the four universities.

Czech Academic Games

The Czech Academic Games are an exclusive multi-discipline sports competition held on a regular basis. Students of all higher education institutions in the Czech Republic can take part.

The Motol Mile

The run through the Motol Hospital compound has developed into an enjoyable tradition. Participation is open to everyone attending the conference held by the University’s Second Faculty of Medicine, plus anybody else keen on taking part in a fun and entertaining sporting event. The Motol Mile is organized by the Institute of Physical Education at Charles University’s Second Faculty of Medicine.

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