Libraries and Study Rooms

Libraries at Charles University provide students not only with academic literature and e-resources but also a quiet place to study. Most of them are equipped with modern facilities, computers, and printers, some even providing loans of electronic devices (e-ink readers, laptops, etc.). The structure of our libraries then corresponds with the university's spirit of plurality and independence of its individual faculties. Therefore, besides the main libraries of the faculties, there are plenty of smaller libraries divided among our institutes and departments. These focus primarily on the subject-specific literature from a given field of study. As a student, you can visit any library or study room regardless of which faculty you study at.

For instance, our Faculty of Arts possesses two dozen libraries and collections across five buildings. The largest of them is the Jan Palach Library located in the historic building on the square of the same name. Then, just one tram stop away on the Vltava embankment is a neo-classical building housing our library of the Faculty of Law.

Study rooms located within the city centre include e.g. Celetná study room, study rooms at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Karlov, and Malá strana, and our Kampus Hybernská, which also offers coworking spaces in its Student House (Building B). Information about other study rooms can be found on the websites of individual faculties.

Libraries outside the university

The Prague municipal library has a wide network of  branches  spread throughout the city. For the price of two coffees, you can become a library member and gain access to millions of online and physical titles. All of the branches are equipped with public wifi. Several of the larger branches, such as the  Central Library or the  Smíchov branch, offer plenty of space for your study endeavours.

Other popular libraries used by our students are the National Library (= Klementinum) and National Technical Library. They both offer places to study, but also require a prior registration for entry. While the Klementinum is housed in a historic palace in the city centre that used to serve as a Jesuit college, the National Technical Library is housed in a modern building that has won numerous international awards. In addition, this library is open 24/7.

Other options

In case you are not a “library-type” or you simply need a sufficient supply of coffee to be able to study, there is no need to worry. Prague offers countless options of coworking space and student-friendly cafés! If you are feeling overwhelmed by the wide selection, take the opportunity and ask your Czech peers what their favourite place is. You may also seek some tips from the  ex-pat community.

Other university cities

Both Plzeň and Hradec Králové are not only the administrative and cultural centres of their regions but also student cities where several universities are located.


Besides the  faculty library , students in Plzeň may take advantage of the  Study and Research Library of the Pilsen Region  which resides in the building of the former Dominican monastery in the city centre. For an overview of other libraries in the city see the website of the  Pilsen City Hall.

Hradec Králové

The library of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec králové is located in the  building Na Hradě  in Dlouhá Street near the Old Town square. In addition, another study room of the faculty is located at the  Educational Center  at the University Hospital. Similarly to Plzeň, Hradec Králové has its own Study and Research Library funded by the region, which offers the possibility to use study boxes for its registered users. The library is housed in a modern building on the embankment of the Orlice River in the vicinity of both faculties.

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