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Members of this sports club are students or graduates of the Faculty of Law. The club consists of a number of sections: swimming, volleyball, basketball, skiing, rugby and softball.

VSK Medik Praha

This sports club is mainly for students at the Faculties of Medicine in Prague, and consists of several sections focusing on cycling, climbing, skiing, swimming, volleyball, and other recreational activities.

TJ Slavia LF UK

This club is open to students and graduates of the Medical Faculty in Plzeň, and consists of a number of sections: basketball, football, aerobics, swimming, volleyball, and recreational physical education (gymnastics, trampolining, in-line skating, bodybuilding and fitness training).

VSK Humanita Praha

This club welcomes students who are interested in pursuing sports both recreationally and to a high competitive standard, especially from the Faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. At present the club consists of eight sections: aerobics, cross-country skiing, football, fencing, hiking, volleyball, mountaineering, and recreational sport.

VSK Přírodní vědy UK Praha

This club consists of the following sections: softball, diving, swimming, mountaineering, volleyball, aerobics, floorball, futsal, tennis, skiing, basketball, and hiking.

VSK Přírodověda – Orienteering

The club gives students and members of the public the opportunity to enjoy both recreational and professional orienteering: on foot, on skis, on mountain bikes, rogaining, mountain orienteering, and trekking. It also provides facilities for fitness training.

VŠSK MFF UK (University Sports Club of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)

This club is open to students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. It consists of thirteen sections: volleyball, basketball, softball, floorball, tennis, 5-a-side football, hiking, gymnastics, orienteering, table tennis, skiing, running, and swimming.

VŠSK UK PedF Praha (University Sports Club of the Faculty of Education)

The club consists of the following sections: floorball, futsal, basketball, outdoor activities (orienteering, mountain biking, survival etc.). Every student or university employee can become a member; the club is also open to members of the public.

VSK FTVS Praha (University Sports Club of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport)

Members of the club can choose from 24 sections: basketball, biathlon, cycling, extreme sports, floorball, football, handball, mountaineering, yachting, judo, karate, ice hockey, skiing, modern gymnastics, swimming, fin-swimming, softball, diving, gymnastics, shooting, tennis, triathlon, hiking, and volleyball. Most members compete as professionals or top-level amateurs, but the club also welcomes recreational members.

Sports Centre for Charles University Students with Special Needs

The main aim of the Centre is to enable students and members of the public with special needs to enjoy a range of sporting activities. The Centre focuses particularly on beginners, who can receive training to acquire basic mobility skills. The Centre also trains instructors who specialize in particular types of special need. With the help of simple equipment, people with special needs can compete and share the joy of sport.

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